While scheduling a repair I was offered an agreement that would fix the current problem and give a year warranty plus $500.00 towards a new if they could not fix plus $250.00 food loss. Which I paid for with my card over the phone.

The girl told me I would receive papers in the mail in week or so. When the repair man came there was no record of the purchase. He offered me a year warranty for $100.00 more than the repair charge. Which was about $60.00 more than the cost.

I will never buy from Sears again. I already cut my card up. I have 7 Sears appliances, plus tools and compressors and it will be time for news things soon. I will go somewhere else.

I was on the phone for days being transfered from one department to another with no results. I was put through the computer everytime. The tech was nice he was here for an hour when I was on the phone, he was shocked. It's the worst customer service ever.

Something needs to be done about these companies who sell high dollar items that don't last. The tech told me the service dept was doing real good. Which means they are fixing alot of products that aren't good.

Shame on you Sears.

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