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"Complete satisfaction" seems like a farce to me! A technician showed up to service our washer, and as soon as he walked through the door he said "I hope your washer and dryer aren't stacked." Apparently the technician needed to access the top of the washer to get to the part he needed to replace, so we had to call a plumber to disconnect our gas line and help us remove the dryer from the top of the washer. When talking to the Customer Service rep she informed me that it was MY responsibility to tell Sears the washer and dryer were stacked and that if they knew that they would have sent two technicians to do the job.

1) Not being a technician myself and knowing NOTHING about washers and dryers, how in the world am I supposed to know I needed to have them unstacked?

2) The appliances I purchased on my file SHOW they are stackables, so why on earth wouldn't they ask me this question?

When asked why I wasn't asked for this KEY piece of information when setting up my appointment, I was told that they just don't do it and that I should be sure to tell them next time. Apparently this happens a lot from what the technician said, so again, why is this not a question that is asked?

Now I'm out $125 because Sears refuses to do anything to accommodate us when we never would have incurred this charge if Sears included one simple question when making appointments. In this economy, I can't afford to be out this amount of money, especially when we purchased a three-year service plan, which should have covered this!

Monetary Loss: $125.

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