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Purchase Sears extra warranty for lawnmower, had 3 years took in for repair they refused repair saying abused (excess vibration loosened screws)(never used extended warranty up to that point) would not refund my money for extended warranty I paid for that they would not honor...so basically they took my money and gave me nothing but a sorry in return. Repair manager would not even give the courtesy of a call to explain as I had requested.

Just don't buy warranty or products that you need a warranty on at Sears...their customer satisfaction guaranteed that they advertise is not true...guess since they acquired Kmart they have a new motto, "sorry"....cause that's all they could say or do :( I used to love Sears,now I will avoid it, I'll spend my money where I am treated respectfully.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Excessive vibration is caused by a few things.

!. Bent blade (this is ABUSE).

2. Bent crank shaft (this is also ABUSE).

If the mower was 3 years old when you first took the mower for repair then there was no refund due on what you paid because the remaining coverage that would have been a prorated refund had been used up by then.

You can't be pissed at a company that never touched your mower in those 3 years. And you can't blame someone for the way YOU used a product.

There's always 2 sides to a story!


excess vibration loosened screws-screws to what? Where did the vibration come from-alot of engine hours ? That's a questionable diagnosis.

As long as you had oil in it and the spark plug was OK and filter wasn't dirt cake what else are you expected to do as the operator.

Where the loose screws in the manual as having to be continously tightend.

Unless they can proove causality I'd report them to the local BBB.I even saw where someone suggested the insurance commission since it involves problems with the extended warranty.

The only thing I can think of is that since you used the extended warrantly to diagnose the problem you used up any cash value it might of had.They prorate service plan refunds.


did you perform any routine maintenance on the lawnmower? if not then there in the right. sorry