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My husband purchased a new tractor from Sears a couple of months ago. The mower is not working. Fortunately, my husband purchased a service agreement. He scheduled a repair call 3 weeks ago and we were confirmed for an appointment between 8 and noon 1/21/2012. When the noon hour passed my husband called the service number. After holding for a lengthy period he was transferred around a couple of times. Finally, a live representative confirmed that our technician should be calling us, and that he was running late. A few minutes the technician called saying he'd arrive at our home at 1:00. We waited. By 3 pm we decided it was time to call again. My husband made repeated attempts to speak with a manager and was told none were available. He called back later and was told by a representative that we had cancelled our own appointment – this was untrue. My husband was put on hold by a representative and then disconnected.

I called back. After about 10 minutes I spoke with "George". I asked George to look at my account and tell me if he has me scheduled for an appointment. He read the details to me, confirming that I did have an appointment and that it was not cancelled. He went on to say that I should reschedule but he would have to transfer me to a senior technical representative. I begged him not to drop me, and that if he does, to call me back. He assured me he wouldn't, and said he would hang on the line until I was connected. I'm typing this email to you as I continue waiting (30 minutes have lapsed). I have "call waiting" on my land line so when I heard another call trying to get through. I switched over to that line. Guess who it was…Sears, with an important automated message about my service appointment, with instructions to call Sears!

My husband and I dedicated a day to waiting for service, for a brand new item that has never been used. We lost out on income by staying in all day, and Sear's assumption that we should give up more time to get a brand new item serviced (with no guarantee that anyone will show up) is galling to say the least. There were so many things wrong with the way we've been handled I don't even know where to start. The final explanation given to me was that there was an IT glitch that resulted in our call never reaching the dispatcher who gives the technicians their calls for the day. Interesting story, but it was the field tech who called us and said he'd be at our home at 1:00. In a tough economy, it's sad Sears can't manage to even make a modest attempt at demonstrating integrity and customer loyalty.

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What probuly happened is what always happens this time of year with Lawn and garden calls,most of the lawn techs are layed off and the one they have come in maybe 3 times a week runs a daily route with 15 calls,overloaded,he could not get to every customer and you are one of those that got rerouted.Its a never ending struggle to get to every customer the way the techs are routed.