Sears service schedulers did not speak English well enough to let me know that my service tech would not be coming. 3 calls to them netted two different INCORRECT answers and a hang up.

The first operator said that the tech would be here; I repeated that information and she agreed. The second operator said that I HAD NOT RECEIVED PARTS (I wasn't supposed to receive any parts) and I had to reschedule. I called for a THIRD OPINION and got a hang up. I finally went on line to straighten this out.

I took an entire afternoon off from work to wait for a Sears repairman and even confirmed this verbally the morning of the repair. Their operators do not speak English well enough to schedule or cancel appointments properly. Because sears outsources its service schedulers to another country, I will never: a. buy another Sears appliance and b.

never call Sears service again. Sears is supposed to be American.

Stop outsourcing. PS I just ordered a $768 Dishwasher from Home Depot because of this experience.

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