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AUG 15 13

Dear Mr. Lane:

In order to speak with me by phone about any of the following information, here is my direct line: If you prefer e-mail, you should reply to this message.

Thank you for your service and for Sears.

Today, in the afternoon, after I returned from the physical Sears store locations in the Northridge Fashion Center (California), I called Sears Blue Ribbon Line by phone, and I left a description with a Mr. Dave Hall. I appreciate Mr. Hall's service.

The contents of this message is important. It is based on real life experience, particularly from a customer's point of view. If the customer has bad experiences, money will not be spent at your retail locations and that will be bad for business. This is factual for you. The goal should be for Executive Relations to improve the customer experience.

I am going to itemize the facts and I would like for you to treat this as a checklist for assisting me and improving the customer experience for other shoppers.

The information will have some good feedback, but more negative reviews. Everything I write is from first hand experience over the past 3 days, and also from previous experience over the years.

The checklist will be numbered. Because I am doing this from memory, I may forget to include some items.

(1.) Craftsman Membership Rewards Card.

During today's visit, and also my past 3 visits to the Sears location, I did not necessarily have my Craftsman card. When I issued my unchanged telephone number, the membership database on the computer did not recognize my number or any information about me. On each of the past 4 visits, under the membership, I did not receive any discount of my costs. There was no account information. I did not receive any savings for buying Sears/Craftsman products. I received no savings on patronage to the Sears store.

(2.) Tools & Hardware Center.

The tools and hardware center is located in the basement of this Sears location. One associate was a seasoned individual. Another associate on the floor was a young Philipino man. I want to let you know that these associates were very friendly and service oriented. They gave considerate interaction and provided me with information for the small tools and electrical multimeter that I eventually bought.

The prices on the screwdrivers sets and similar Sears tools was good, and because of the combination of these things I would be inclined to visit the Hardware Center again if I need parts or hand tools.

Again, the Craftsman membership information was not shared universally in the computer system. I did re-provide the information with associate, who was very cordial.

I did not receive any discounts for my purchases.

I want to emphasize that the two associates I mentioned are excellent, high quality representatives of your organization. I hope you recognize their dedication to service.

(3.) Replacement/New Air/Tire Inflator Unit #28.75117.

When I went to the Hardware Center in the basement, I was looking to buy the replacement tire inflator unit.

The Hardware Center had large contruction type/contractor compressors, but they did not have inventory on the smaller, more portable home/auto/garage tire inflator system.

Because the tire inflator units were not in inventory, I was directed to go to the Sears Auto Center in the parking lot.

When I went to the Sears Auto Center, the last aisle had tire inflators, but majority of them were 12V. I had no interest in weak 12V system. I specifically wanted a 120V home wall plug/electrical 120V compatible unit.

I found 1 unit, and there were no other choices to make a better selection.

I read the box for specifications and warranty to get a mild introductory idea about the system capabilities.

When I approached one of the associates about the "durability" and performance of the unit, that associate was presenting an absence of product information. The only thing he provided information was that the product had not experienced many returns from other customers.

The referenced associate did not show a desire or a command of product knowledge, and was not particularly engaging, informative, conversant, or professional.

Another associate that appeared to be having more tenure indicated that though this was a Craftsman product, it was not subject to a Craftsman discount--which was self-contradictory.

I again did not receive any percentage off the purchase, though I have been a Craftsman member for years.

The second associate stated that though the statement he made was contradictory, that was company policy, and he could not resolve anything or make any changes.

The entire operation was very inconsideration from committing to customer service in terms of listening, product knowledge, customer commitment, helpfullness, and general tact and retail sophistication.

The service was probably some of the worst I have ever had. Notwithstanding, I made my purchase, because I had a need when I went in the auto center, and I just made a choice to try the product.

I have no assurance at all whether this new inflator will break after the 3rd use; I am just going to have to test it and find out by hands on experience.

I don't plan on visiting your auto center for anything in the future, but other customers will be in a position where they need knowledge, trust, service, and fair price on mechanic repairs, and their experience will be completely dependent on integrity and positive helpfullness.

My personal advice on this is the manager needs to have some college education, and the training and shop discipline is nonexistent.

(4.) Warranty.

Because electrical equipment is subject to failure in direct relationship to quality of construction, I really require a 3 year warranty on my electrical equipment purchases. Please send me this as a letter in writing.

If these products fail again in a short duration, I just won't purchase a Craftsman product in the future.

I have to have confidence of the performance, life, durability, and reliability of the system.

(5.) eGift Card.

I had many items to address and I gathered my belongings, but I somehow, on the way out the door, I forgot to pick up my paper printout for my gift card.

When I was at the store, there was no way to draw the credit information to execute the purchases at the cashier registers.

Therefore, I had to make an additional trip back home to pick up the paper and return to the several locations, and make the purchases.

If a computer with full internet connection was available, I could have retrieved the information out of my Yahoo! e-mail.

In any case, I had to drive back home, and double back to present my documentation. It was 100 degrees and uncomfortable in many ways.

(6.) Bike Section/Road Bike Front Derailleur.

In the basement of the Sears, there is a sporting goods section. In small section, there is bikes. I needed an economy quality road bike derailler compatible with Shimano, but there was no selection of inventory at the store.

(7.) Men's Athletic Wear.

I purchased 1 Everlast athletic shorts and 2 athletic shirts. These were very good and impressive products.

The T-shirt selection and cotton sports shirts were very good, and I liked the colors.

But, for the athletic shorts, a lot of them were bland or made of very thin material construction. I know from use that those kind of shorts would not handle any degree of wear and tear.

There also was not a lot of attractive options in styles of design patterns.

The Everlast was very good. You should consider bringing in another competitive brand and patterns. If I saw something appealing, I probably would have bought another pair of shorts, even though I don't need them.

(8.) Men's Shorts.

This was a massive product quality disappointment.

I canvassed the entire Men's Apparel on the 3rd Floor. I looked very hard. I wanted to purchase a pair of stylish purple, charcoal gray, and black plaid Khaki type shorts.

Though Sears had large quantities of shorts, nothing was attractive to me as a consumer of retail goods: a lot of sizes were too small, materials seemed thin and flimsy, designs were not catching, displays were not really neat.

A lot of the shorts inventories seemed to be targeted at a non-conservative, younger shopper, with no clean colors and clean lines. In the past, I found shorts that looked crisp, clean, and polished.

This situation definitely ignores the middle age man (though I understand this demographic is not your main).

The main point is I was open to purchase one more pair of shorts, but there was nothing I liked in the store.

You have great Docker's Khahi pants and similar, I think some classy, clean looking knee length shorts would be easy for you to present and generate revenues.

(9.) Air Inflator Failure. Reconditioning.

Model 28.75117.

120V, 3.3 AMP, 2/3 HP.

This is the old Craftsman air inflator that failed in the middle of normal usage of simple bike tire inflation. This is the item that precipated the original contact.

I would like for you to assist me by shipping this back to the manufacturer for reconditioning the unit, and perhaps reducing the engine noise.

It would be very positive if this could be restored. It would avoid a lot of environmental waste.

Over the years, this unit has filled up car tires and bike tires.

I did not see any comparable units at your store. Though the motor makes too much noise, the design and portability is a good idea. It makes sense.

I hope you can make the repair arrangements to help me.

(10.) Shop Sears Again.

I don't enjoy shopping. I only shop when I need something, not want something. I buy to make a use to finish some work or goal.

Since I have a little credit balance, I will visit Sears again in the future, and see if I can find the tools or shorts I could not find this time around.

Your gift card got me into the store.

If you have any recommendations, feel free to call me or send an e-mail.

Please take steps to address these items.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Dear Anonymous,

My name is Susan with the Sears Cares Escalations team. I have forwarded your post to your Case Manager, John Lane, in our Blue Ribbon Group. Thank you for providing the detailed information regarding your concern and we look forward to speaking with you soon.


Susan R.

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Why not do something about the Waterford CT op's manager who has bullied employees and customers and so far 5 people have quit in the last month and one transferred because they can not deal with him? Or is bullying and threatening okay by Sears standards?

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