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I had a service appointment set up and when I made the appointment they told me about the warranty I could buy that would cover the service call and the next year. I wasn't sure about the details and was at work reacting to a call from my family saying the refrigerator was not working.

The rep assured me I could call back and get the warranty later in the evening. When I did this after work, the person on the line said no problem then charged my credit card, sent me my warranty card and then told me I had been rescheduled to FOUR days later. I talked to three other people all with the same "to bad that's the policy" attitude and a supervisor who said it was my fault for not making up my mind when they tried to sell me the warranty in the first place. I have 3 kids and a refrigerator full of food - that will all go bad by Tuesday.

Bad service and or policy which ever you want to blame. I am so extremely disappointed in Sears I can't even fully express in words.

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You are not gaining anything by getting the warranty because it will be fixed and will break again.

They do not honor there lemon policy

I have the warranty and my washer has broken three times and the tech has been out twice

They still want to tell me that it will be wed before another tech comes out

My washer had a full load in and over filled of water. Good Luck

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