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My hardly 4 year old Sears riding mower made a small pop sound upon starting and would not turn over. Needing to get my yard mowed I called the Sears Home Repair people to get it running again. After waiting three weeks because you have to take a day off work for them to come at their leisure to fix it, the repair man told me it was the battery.

He went to the store to get a battery, replaced it and charged me $233 to replace a $40 battery. Kicking myself in the butt for paying so much for just a battery change I started mowing the yard only to have the motor blow up 10 minutes into mowing.

I immedeatly called the repair man and he stated that he could not come back to look at it that I would have to schedule another appointment. They won't give a time to come to my house so I have to take another day off work and sit and wait for them to come look at it a week from now. In the mean time I have to pay someone to mow my yard.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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why would you take paid time of for a frickin lawn mower? ITS A LAWN MOWER.

i cant believe you put up with that.

get your money back and move on. if you knew the battery was over priced and wouldnt fix the problem, why did you listen to him?


I agree with the original post. Sears has horrible costumer service and can't schedule things for the costumer.

So BReich81, you're right that service people have a difficult time, but really Sears should be trying harder to satisfy its costumers. Obviously many repair people would rather hurry through a job than take the time to actual look at it. Obviously Sears does not encourage it's repair people to work with the costumers.

It's a shame really how horrible Sears is. I have yet to read a positive review.


Dear Valawre,

I am sorry to hear about he trouble you have experienced with getting your mower repaired. My name is David and I work for the Sears Cares Team. We would like to assist you in resolving this issue. If you can contact us at so we can further discuss your concerns. Please include your screen name (Valawre) so we can reference to your issue.

Thank you,

David V.

Senior Case Manager


When you say your motor blew up or simply ceased to function. Before your dead battery issue was the mower giving you any problems ? Were tune-ups and oil changes kept up with .

What could the repairman have done to the motor while replacing a battery . If he bumped something or forgot to put something back perhaps you might have a case with Sears.

It's ashame you paid Sears to do the repair because most areas of the country have lawnmower and small engine repair shops . Also many auto stores will test your batter for free. If you are hand you get a meter and battery specs to test your battery as well .

Sears should have a warranty on their work so they should at least send someone out to check it out.

Alot of service companines and repair believe it is better to keep the same technician servicing the same customers under the guise they will know more than a fresh technician although a fresh set of eyes frequently helps


Well... I'm sure they discussed how long the parts on the mower were guaranteed for.

And if it's 4 years old and you had no problems until then, you have nothing to *** about. As for the workers... repair men have to deal with ignorant ppl like you all day and are on a tight schedule. You aren't the only person in the world you know?

So... of course he couldn't drop everything in his life to come back to one pissed off person.