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I placed in order online. After placing order I realized my address was wrong.

I contacted Sears and explained what happened. A rep stated that she will need to cancel order and put my right address in. After placing me on hold she stated she didn't need to cancel order because she see where I updated my address and my packages should deliver to right address. Needless to say, the packages were delivered to the wrong address.

UPS called me with the first delivery and delivered to my current address. The next package was sent back to UPS and the third package was left in front of the wrong address door. I called Sears three different times complaning about the third package. The reps are foreigners and do not interpret what you are saying properly.

No one listened to the fact that I stated the rep was suppose to correct my address. They kept saying I put in wrong address. Which is true but I called to fix the problem before the packages were delivered. This is where Sears dropped the ball the first time.

The second time is when I called yesterday to explain what happened and to see if I can either be refunded for the missing package or have the package we delivered to the correct address. Sears rep told me they will conduct a invesagtion in the missing package with UPS and it will take 72 hours. An hour after the phone call, I received and email stating that they can not farther invesagte because the package was delivered and I need to contact UPS. UPS is stating they delivered to the address on the label.

(If Sears rep had canceled my order and reordered under the correct address like she stated in the phone call my package would never had been delivered to wrong address.) I was upset because it was clearly stated in the phone call with the Sears rep that the package was delivered to wrong address. Plus how do you conduct and investagation in one hour when I was told it will take 72 hours. I called back and spoke with a different rep to file a complaint once again everything was repeated with the same results. Another email stating the same thing was sent to me this morning.

I'm completely upset with Sears and WI never order anything from them again. The customer service sucks. None of the reps I spoke with listened to my problem and none answered my questions.

I paid for items I will never receive. If the first rep I spoke with changed my address from the beginning none of this would have ever happened.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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