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I have been a card holder for sears since 04 and have had nothing but total caos with dealing with them I dont know why I kept going back for more maybe its the thrill of beating a dead horse they finally pissed me off to the point where I said ok thats it I'm done so my acc. is paid off an my card burned in the fireplace

my last deal that put me over was I ordered a mechanic utility cart over a month ago from my neighborhood sears store was told and confirmed it would in on 4/2/09 for me to pick up they even said we will call you so the day was getting late an still no phone call so I called them they said oh we tried to contact you your cart is ready for pick up I asked them who did you call cause it wasnt me so I asked what number did you call after they said the number it wasnt even close to being my number but yet my right one is in the account info are the idiots or what

well I get there an the loading people said yor box is on the truck still i said I called an someone in the office told me it was ready for pick up and he replied no havent got to it yet then I said well can you find it since I have been waiting already atleast 15 mins his words were duh I cant find it so to finish this it wasnt on the truck period an after promising me of my delivery date would not be in til 4/26 an then they couldnt be sure so thats it Ive had enough of their *** s%$t

Monetary Loss: $319.

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LOL... I agree...

it's known as the ENGLISH language.... LEARN IT!

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