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Sears sold me a 19 v drill combo drill package . the charger blew up twice .the last time it was a week out of warr they would do nothing ,BUT, they did offer to sell me a new charger at a hefty price .

I have always trusted sears tools BUT I have lost faith in them . I have a drill and no way to use it . Good money down the drain .

I'll save more and buy another Dewalt . I will never recomend them to my friends as I wish to keep them unlike sears wanting to keep customers ,SAD SAD SAD .

Monetary Loss: $135.

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Some thing on chargers. Always put them on a surge protector of somekind even if it's a power strip with a reset button. If there is surge during the charging process it can damage charger if not the item. That goes for anything be recharged.

Also sometimes the contacts on the charger or batteries can get a slight film on them which could prevent metal to metal contact. Unplugged clean with a q-tip damp not dripping with rubbing alcohol.

There is no longer an unlimited unconditional satisfaction guarantee at Sears which hurts the honest customer but out of warranty one day or one week is unfortunetely out of warranty.


I know it is out of warr Dude, BUT they should know there is a problem with the product and try to address it in a thoughtful manner and try to keep customers . I think money and sales and no regard to the customers satisfaction is the problem here .


Dude, if the drill is out of warranty then they really cant do anything for you.

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