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i bought a gold chain from sears in salem oregon.bought in febuary 2012 when taking it offone night in april

it came apart. i put it up,till one day i was in the store.i talk to a lady that was ruder then ***.i left and went

to fred myers jewelers and paid them to fix it.i got it back put it on.that same day that night when taking it

off it broke in a diffrent spot.went back to fred myers and as the lady was taking the chain out of the bag

rite in front of me and other workers the chain broke in a nother spot.that is when they told me to go talk to sears.i even called sears main office.and all i got was put for tow weeks to be told they was not going to

do any thing for i am out $400.00 plus all the time i have put in to this.i just do not some one eles

to have to go through at a place like fred myers that will stand behind,what they sell.i got a lot

of gold chains.but i will never buy another dam thing from sears

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