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On 10/26/2006 purchased 2 40 gallon Kenmore water heaters to replace two 16 year old water heaters that were under my house. The new Kenmores had 6 year warranty on them and I installed them myself.

On April 11 2012 1 of them burst. I called customer service and they sent a rep out to verify the leakage. He approved the repair and Sears gave me a new one. On Nov.

7 2012 AC repairman told me I had a leaking water heater. On Nov 14 I Went under the house to check it and called Sears. The repair center said the warranty expired on Oct. 26 which was 20 days ago.

I explained that the tank had been leaking long enough for mushy rusty water to build up.

That probably took a couple of months at least. They would not agree to replace it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $308.

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