Had trouble with this unit 6 out of seven years . Told we would save money that was a joke still having trouble with it.

Power bills running 500.00 a month and having to run a electric heating to stay warm. They do not stand behind their units .So please do not buy a ken more from sears we still have 3 more years of warranty.

Then we will buy from someone else, someone that stands behind their products. I know one year they were out here 6 or 7 times My mother was sick for 2 years and did not have a lot of heat but they did not care she is 80 years old and not in the greatest health but, they say they are doing all they can but cannot replace a Lemmon at no cost.

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look its not sears its the people who made the product you should be mad at..did you buy the extended warranty?? was this a base model or elite series?? if you were not tooo f*cking cheap to buy their pa you wouldnt be in this situation

Durham, New Hampshire, United States #612186

first off, you were giving the oppurtunity to purchase a extended warentee from sears, you decided not to do so, so there fore sears does stand by our product.

to Sears Wilton, Connecticut, United States #617065

not true sears my sis kim spent 16 grand on a system and bought protection,and she is disabled in the cold foe dead of winter because sears DID NOT AND HAS YET HONORED THEIR WARRANTY!

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