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About 2 years ago, we bought appliances from our local Sears store. Immediately, our dishwasher started malfunctioning.

We had purchased the Master Protection warranty specifically for the lemon clause. We called for service and were told that we didn't need service. She told me that if it wasn't as loud as a "music concert" it didn't need fixed and it was a "normal" level of noise...AND that I would be charged $75 even though I had warranty protection on it! Long story short, over the last two years, we've had 6 motors replaced on our Frigidare dishwasher along with a few other repairs!!

After 4 service calls for the same repair, we qualified for replacement of the dishwasher... EXCEPT we were given incorrect information that it was 5 repairs and not 4. This in turn, bought Sears a few more months and by the time I found out that information was wrong...we were outside of the "4 repairs in 12 months" requirement. After calling and complaining to Sears Customer Solutions, I was giving an extension on the warranty so we can still possibly get a new unit.

BUT, how are we to do that when we it's such a struggle just to get a repair tech out here!!?? How do we keep dealing with Sears when they have been so incompitent and RUDE to us!?? Our oven went out next. I decided to use to make a repair appointment this time and hopefully bypass being hassled over the phone.

I get an online chat rep. who just continues the ridiculous customer service. I tell her that my oven exploded while using it and sparks and smoke came flying out of it and that I needed a repair appt. She proceeded to ask me what the problem was!!!!

Are you kidding?? So, I say the oven exploded..and tell her I don't know what's wrong with it, thus the repair appointment needed? I said that I wasn't sure if it was an electrical issue or what. She then tells me that maybe I should call an electrician and wondered why I was calling Sears to begin with!!!

At the same appointment to fix the oven and dishwasher, they were scheduled to fix my dryer. (yes, when it rains it pours...3 appliance go out in a few days of each other!) They look at the dryer and tell me it needs a new seal and not to use it until it's replace so it doesn't damage the dryer drum. So, having 4 kids, I start taking my laundry to the Laundromat to dry them at $15 for 6 loads while I wait on my dryer part! The dryer part's the wrong part.

It's a rubber seal to a dishwasher. The tech orders a new felt drum never comes...the order never went through. Another tech comes to repair the oven and dryer...only to find that the dryer part didn't get ordered/arrive. He then places a rush order on the part.

That was a Saturday and the part got here the following Thursday...and it was the wrong part, again. I call the 800# and spend 30-45 minutes on hold and getting transferred only to be told that I'm wrong and it IS the right part. The tech comes to fix it on Saturday and looks at the part and says, "hmm...that's not the part we need for your dryer". At this point, I've had it.

I tell him not to "re" reorder the "right" part again and that I want a refund ($63)...he apologized on behalf of Sears and gave me the refund...which I still haven't received 4 days later. I called to check on the status of my refund only to be transfered to, yet another, rude customer service person out of the Texas call center! She was ridiculous and wouldn't give me the info I was asking for. I had to ask her 4 times before she'd give it to me and only after being snapped at for "interrupting" her when I was just clearing my throat from being sick instead of coughing in her ear!

After I ask her why se was being so rude to me...she said a few things and hung up on me!!

This is the thanks I get for spending several thousands of dollars at Sears!!?? It is by far, the worst customer service I have EVER received. They are right up there with the terrible customer service one would expect also from Dish Network, a category I would NEVER want to be in!!!

I will NEVER shop at Sears again...I WILL tell everyone I know just exactly the kind of company Sears has become! Sears used to stand for something...used to be all about good customer service and quality in their products and treatment of customers. Now it's a JOKE! How disappointing it must be to the original founders of the company who worked so hard to build a good company and a good name...just to have you all destroy it.

When people wonder why Sears is going out of business...THIS IS WHY!

All they need to do is read and ask around about other people's experience with Sears. So frustrating, disappointing, and unacceptable!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $1065.

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