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After placing a large 12 week layaway at sears, the store abruptly cancelled my agreement. No explanation given.

Payments were made according to terms of the agreement. At the time of cancellation employee checked computer and informed me they "still had items in stock". Agreement clearly states that, "layaways which are delinquent by more then 14 days may be cancelled by sears". I went into store immediately after due date to make payment which was due on January 20th and was informed that day a check had supposedly been mailed on the 22nd.WHERE IS MY MONEY!

I have yet to receive a check 2+ weeks later. All they can say is "it was mailed". THEY REFUSE TO PLACE A STOP PAYMENT! THEY REFUSE TO ISSUE ANOTHER CHECK TO CORRECT ADDRESS!

THEY REFUSE TO REFUND FEES FOR SETUP AND THEIR ERRONEOUS CANCELLATION! THEY REFUSE TO REINSTATE MY LAYAWAY! Here's what they will do. Assign a case manager, then days later inform you, "he will be out of the office for an extended period of time".

Then, assign a replacement case manager who won't ISSUE A STOP PAYMENT, WON'T ISSUE ANOTHER CHECK, WON"T REFUND FEES, WON"T REINSTATE LAYAWAY. But he will inform you that he also "will be out of the office for an extended period of time". All calls to corporate are abruptly ignored once they see your account has a case manager.After taking his sweet time to "research it" all he could tell me is that my local store manager says "that's the store policy".What good are the terms of the agreement? Even my first call to corporate they informed me you have fourteen days!

They feel entitled to change them on the fly just to steal from you!!!Its sad that a store has too be this money hungry. Now I check online sears and of course items I already paid 800+ dollars on are showing out of stock as listed "unavailable". Of course they won't reinstate my layaway! Why would they want to honor the Black Friday prices, I had supposedly locked in with this layaway?

They can see this supposed check hasn't been cashed. I told them they have the wrong address. They won't even ask for the correct address. WHAT A JOKE!

I WILL GET ALL MY MONEY BACK ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!!!I have all reciepts, salescheck numbers, original agreement terms, and Sears computer generated statement showing all payments made. I guess my only recourse is to take them to small claims court or seek out a class action lawsuit..

DON"T USE SEARS LAYAWAY, DON"T LET THEM STEAL FROM YOU TOO! PLEASSSE avoid them next Black Friday and don't fall for their Layaway Scam!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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Omg I am going thru the same ripoff with Sears. I cancelled my layaway early.

It is now 32 days later, 8 reps, and only now they are trying to tell me I was REFUNDED the DAY AFTER cancellation. Rep #6 told me on 11/29 it was confirmed NOT PROCESSED and they would rush to refund me. Dec. 1 reps claiming I was already refunded 10/31.


ANd by the way, reps the first week of cancellation told me it was NOT PROCESSED yet!!! Fed up and stolen from!!


I been waiting approximately 20 days for my refund same lies 3 -7 business days then 7-10 then 10 -14 days $1,239.45 later still waiting how can they get away with this out right stealing your money. I don't have money to give away. I live in Dallas Tx I'm contacting the News Media Consumer Justice this behavior is unacceptable I been trying to get my money since July 15 2018 all I got is the run around


I had a layaway that was cancelled, I have spoken with several online rep who keep telling me I will receive my refund in 12 to 14 days I have yet to receive my money. it's been two months please help. I'm thinking about small claims court it's just been a nightmare


Even with all the caps and drama, I agree.


Sears sucks .should be shut down


They've done the same thing to me and just now sears called on their automated phone that my payment was due on a layaway that doesn't exist anymore and I really wanted a pair of pants and size 12 shoe because I left the state paid for it from another state they couldn't even do that transaction made m3 feel like a criminal because the balance was paid with a credit card and that was back in AUGUST and I just got another call about my layaway? That's the kind of people that have passed the drug test incompetent a..holes for sure stop calling me or give me my stuff Sears Sucks BIG TIME


Sears in Bucyrus Ohio when operated by Vernon Vermillion stole my water heater that I had paid for sold it and pocketed the money....His wife Jenny who now is a commissioner lied and said it went back to Sears when they closed.....When I went in to pick it up he made some excuse and had sold it....They never replaced it and she is a commissioner handling millions of incoming dollars!!!????


I had a swing set on layaway. Made all payments as scheduled.

Tried to make the last layaway payment online (8/1/16) and their website wouldn't allow me to make the payment. I was told the last payment has to be made inside the store. I went to Sears on 8/7/16 only to be told my layaway was cancelled and I had to pay $15 restock fee. Received a email on 8/16/16 stating my layaway was cancelled on the 9th.

If that's the case why wasn't I able to pay it on the 7th.

I will never shop at Sears. Sears online layaway and customer service is useless


I have the same issue now with there layaway online. Did it for a 5.1 samsung surround sound system with the blu-ray player.

Put the initial payment down paid over like 7 dollars over on the first payment made my second payment a couple of days late (due to how i get paid from work) and my third payment was due one 8/8 and due to a family death recently it slipped my mind (mind you it was not 14 days past due yet) and i got a text from my bank saying there was a deposit on my account so i checked and saw a refund of one my payments so i called up and was on the phone for about 20 minutes or so and the guy said it was a system glitch. He told me to wait 24-48 hour to wait for a system update. So i check my email this morning and get an email from them stating it got canceled due to multiple missed payments. I never missed one by more then a week so far and now it got canceled for no reason because it was never at the 14 day mark.

So now i have to call again and fight them to get it.

And i don't think i should have to put the refunded amount on a new one because there system glitched up like this. If they have this many system glitches with there online side they need to take the money they are stealing from us consumer and get it fixed.


Sears online layaway cancelled/terminated my layaway for no reason; only that their Website for layaways had technical issues. After being told by 2 online solutions Sears Supervisor/Manager, that I had to go into the store where the deposit was paid to get the refund.

I went and then was told by the store manager that they never issue a cash refund for online layaways. He gave me the same 800Number that I called before telling me I had to go into the store. So I was so angry that I jumped in my car and called the 800 Number again threatening about refunding my layaway payment and deposit. At this point, Sears said that they will send the "Check" by slow snail mail only.

2nd Layaway: At the time, I put in the layaway Cal King Flannel sheets in for layaway online. All the sheets were in-stock and I had a choice of selecting all the colors I wanted. As I was making, payments on a bi-wkly basis, I knew since these sheets had a deposit on them, they will not be SOLD as if the item was still available. NOT!!!

These so-called sales/admin/tech/ people put my item on the sales shelf as a sales ready item. I did not know this because I was diligently making payments. So How did I discover that this item was SOLD during my layaway process and that I would not receive the items that I put a deposit on? Answer is simple: These money-grubbers allowed my to continue making payments on sheets that I did not select but surplus items; in other words an Over stocked item that did not sale.

So here is the clever slick part, they shipped the cal king sheets which were all a green which were ugly. The box arrived which it was shipped with sealing tape, not shipping tape. The tape fell off and the box was open. Thanks to the weather here in Arizona that it is very dry and warm.

So there weren't any damage to the dark green ugly cal king sheets. I threw them in my trunk and went to the local SEARS to quickly get these grotesque sheets out of my life. The lines were backed up and there were only 2 working cashier and one fresher cashier that needed help constantly. The cashier went into the back of the store with the invoice layaway contract.

Then she called to the front and asked for the total amount of the layaway. I said it is documented on the invoice, why are you calling other cashiers to find out the total amt paid? She said she was trying to find the internal receipt on their computer system. She was throwing the blame back on me as if I came to the store with no receipt.

I said this invoice documents the total amt was PAID IN FULL and it was stated on the invoice..... Stay away from Sears Layaway.

I hope every store goes BUST!!! I will stick with AMAZON.

@Sears is SEARED

No one cares that you are angry. Go see a therapist.


Ya Your the *** probably stealing all the money that’s why it say anonymous.. let ur money get stolen and your Christmas wrecked by a theiving company and see how u feel!


I can relate. Had layaway for 3 electronics items.

Put down initial payment and had made another paymet. Went to the store to make another payment, they couldn't take it, said it was cancelled. Mind you it was 3 days late. NOT 14 like stated in the policy on my receipt.

Been trying to contact my local store (SEARS CHICAGO RIDGE MALL, IL) every dept. I try to reach, no one answers. Really? Every dept.

is so busy. Called Corporate HQ in Hoffman Estates, IL she was no more help. Said my check for refund should arrive in 7-10 days, minus $15 cancellation fee. I disputed that.

THEY CANCELLED IT, THEY OWE IT. I also told her (Rose)that I expect it when she said I can expect it.

And she said what do you think, Sears will keep it.


I just had the same problem with Sears. I will never go back to Sears again for anything!

I gave them cash, and I want cash back!

I should have known they sucked when I found out they were selling the Kardashian brand at their stores! :( :(


I have nothing but trouble with two layaways at Sears. I laid away a tv and the next day they called to say they only had the floor model.

I cannot get my money back from them. I will not pay the full price for something that has probably been used for years. You cannot get through to anyone at the store.

I will never do any buying at Sears again. The store in Springdale Ohio is terrible to do business with.

Sears Response

Dear Ashleyy,

My name is Susan and I am part of the Sears Social Media Escalations team. I am very concerned about what I have read here. I came across your post and I wanted to reach out and offer our assistance in getting this unfortunate situation resolved. I'm sorry for the manner in which your layaway was handled. I can only imagine your frustration and hassle with this issue. We would like to offer our assistance to help get this situation resolved. It is unacceptable to keep access to your money without offering either your products on layaway or reimbursement for the money you have paid toward this layaway.

At your convenience, please contact our office via email at so you don’t have to continue to be frustrated by this. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the layaway was set-up under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide the screen name (Ashleyy) you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

Susan R.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support

@Sears Response

I need your help I'll contact you tomorrow Susan Signed LG

@Sears Response

I’m still waiting for my layaway cancellation refund too. Then I do a search to see if there are others with the same problem.

Well it looks like too many are experiencing problems with their purchases or cancellations.

This is scary! Not the sears I used to know !!