Orlando, Florida

Sears does not care about people just care about there bottom line. They just disregard people who cared about them for years and helped make a great customer base.

It is sad that corporate america does not care about the little people which is how our country was made. Just there fat paychecks. I will never purchase anything from them and will tell all not to I would rather pay more then support that company. They STINK and do not deserve people buying from them or supporting this company.

They are overcharging customers and keeping the $ and having inadequate people come to your house. Background check might not be criminals but sure do not have the experience to do the job.

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Sears is cheaper than alot of places. I went to lowes expecting a better price bet ended back at sears.

They have lost customer focus though. They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars figuring out why they are loosing customers. Then spend so much time trying to get new customers, I really feel they are not long for this world.

The Kmart buy out was the worst thing for sears. I will miss them since I work there, but have to say I hate my job and how we treat our customers.


Got some valuable information from a friend of mine who has worked for Sears over 25 years. If you get rerouted by Sears or A+E factory service, call there routing at 18662771702 any extention tell them what state you live in and demand to talk to there routing manager and demand free gift certificates for your lost time.

Get names and employee numbers. Also if you have a problem with Sears or Kmart and cannot get it resolved send a cerified letter to Edward Lambert and Chris Granger at Sears Holding 3333 Beverly Road, Hoffman Estates, IL. 60179.

If they dont resolve your problem in a timely manner take it to your states Attorney Generals office with the complaint. Have names, times and what you think a fair resolve would be.


just recieved info that sears was canceling my credit after 14 yrs because of some #'s on my credit score. never in 14 yrs have i paid my bill late too them. never again will i grace their doors with my money.


What do you expect after K-Mart bought them. They harassed my 89 year old mother-in-law after she fell and broke her hip and went in a nursing home.After medicaid, she has $39.00 left per month and Sears wants it. I assure you they will be out of business in less than 5 years and NO one will miss them.


Not only are their prices higher. We had shopped with Sears for 30 years but things started going down hill.

We purchased a large screen TV and put it on our account. When I got our first statement and saw the interest rate, I paid off the account and threw away my card.

After being a customer for so long and having an excellent credit rating they would not reduce our interest rate. Oh well, we don't need Sears.


I know were Rick and Sears stinks are coming from.Sears has had years to change there ways but have not.I think in there mind for every customer they *** off there are two to take there place.One of these days they are going to run out of customers as soon as all customers wise up.Sears does not make any appliance, they buy them from different manufachers.The kenmore tag you see in there store is there name brand that is put on a LG, OR Whirpool product.All those applainces can be purchased at any applinace store,you just wont get the little Kenmore tag on it.Almost all other appliance stores sell the service agreement for the applaince,there usauly cheaper then Sears and offer the same and in some cases better protection than the Sears policys.If you buy from Sears because of there service techs,well in most cases if you do have trouble the service techs that come out will be a Sears trained,Sears employee in a A+E uniform and truck, Thats right, Sears owns the A+E factory service, this is one reason that cant keep up with there own customers,they have a third or more of there techs taking care of the compations customers.There is no reason to shop there.All a customer to Sears is a $ sign. What a shame, I bet Richard Sears is turning over in his grave for what Sears has became today.


Thats why i dont shop there anymore, its been at least 15 years since i shop at sears, i want never go there again