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Sears has gone to ***. I ordered a TV on Dec.

15th and have been working everyday. I finally had time to check on the order and guess what? They don't have the TV and will never have it at the price it was advertised. They didn't think I was worth an email or a call in this matter.

I tried to get another TV and the same thing happened. They advertise a great deal but don't have it. This time I called the stores and found out that none of them had them in stock. Isn't this illegal or something?

Bait and switch for sure.

I'm closing my account there and will never shop there again. They really stink!

Monetary Loss: $749.

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Customer since 1979.

That is what my credit card with $9800 limit on it says..

I have been a loyal customer, but no more. I wonder how many more there are like me.

I Would have guessed it would be cheaper to retain customers than to look for new ones.

Problems with Kenmore Elite Ht4 and Dryer HE within weeks of warranty expiration. Two service calls later installing parts never needed and still not fixing the problems I had to put my feet down when they wanted to replace a circuit board for $700 for parts and $150 labor. Total cost $900.

I had this washer sitting in my garage all these year finally decided to do something about it.

There are THOUSAND of complaints on the same appliances all over the internet as well as a fix.

I placed a call to Sears and now the part is down to $200 for the board. There is really nothing wrong with the boards other than one or two bad solder joints.

I fixed it myself with a replacement board for $89 bucks.

As for Sears complaint lines... DOn't even bother

You will have them

1-Put you on indefinite (punitive) hold

2-Ridicule you

3-Refuse to allow you to talk to the supervisor

4-Hang up on you.

Try getting to someone at the corporate. Good luck with that!

They have no idea how customer complaints are being dealt with.

I will not ever set foot in a Sears storre the rest of my life.

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