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Sears contracted us to do the installation of our windows. They sent out a guy to measure our windows for installation.

He measure. They sent out a second guy to measure. He measured. They took months longer than they quoted at time of downpayment.

When the windows arrived they had been measured incorrectly and wanted us to accept windows that would now be smaller than quoted. My windows are custom windows so needed special fit. Smaller windows was all they would offer. They measured 2 times and still could not get the right windows that we ordered.

Would do nothing about it. We went with a more reputable company named window world to get our windows installed. Tried to get a refund on the 1,800 dollars they now stole from us because the windows were special ordered. They would not refund any of our money.

So Sears might just as well stuck a gun in our side and stolen the money. My back round with Sears was a strong one I am 61 my wife is 70. We have bought all our appliances from Sears also their Craftsman tools and much more. Both our parents were also long time customers.

I have told anyone that will listen especially our kids and all relatives how Sears stole our money. Every relative I know has been told. Might be the reason that Sears is going out of business, the fact that they deal with you by stealing your money. They refused to give back any money.

I cancelled our credit cards with them but I still have to pay the theft that they imposed on us because I had a credit card with them. Can't let them destroy my credit also. My suggestion it NEVER TAKE A CC FROM THIS CROOKED CO. Never buy anything from Sears.

If this is how the company runs itself it will certainly steal your money when they get the chance. If there is anyone that would like to join me or already has a class action lawsuit against Sears please feel free to contact me

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Window Installation.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Sears Cons: Sears stole my money.

  • Sears Stole My Money
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Contact your local news media for a fraud story. That will get you results. Rochester NY

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