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Sears stole from me. They drained my gift cards, charged my debit card and then promptly cancelled my order claiming they didn't have it in stock for local pick up.

They have yet to refund me. Even though they said it would only take 3 days for a refund. It's past 3 days and they still haven't done it. Why don't they get arrested for stealing from customers?

We would be arrested if we stole from them. Their customer service is a joke. They even have an "executive team" that are supposed to help. All those idiots do are recite words like "I understand you are frustrated" or "I can understand you are upset" Really???

Why not do something about it instead of reciting *** off of a script. No wonder you have to close so many stores. They get on these web sites and apologize and ask people to email them at a certain email address to make it look like they care. I did that a few days ago and still haven't heard from them.

If they were sincere, why wouldn't they leave a phone number people could call them at rather than a generic email? I am calling you out, Sears!

Do you have the guts to leave a phone number on here of a person who is actually competent enough to follow up on a complaint?

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Stores don't always have stuff that you order online for local pick up. Like for instance someone had ordered something and by the time the order had printed stickers we had already sold the last one of that item in store since local pickup usually fills orders from the floor.

I also once had the register tell me we had 10 of something and i searched the stock room and floor for it and it wasn't in the store. As to why they haven't refunded your money yet I don't know.