My husband and I decided to purchase a toolbox online from Sears. I set up an online account for him and decided to put it on layaway.

We made a couple of payments and also made another payment with a gift card. Our total payments were around $900. We had a couple of things go wrong in our house and we had to cancel our layaway orders. At first, I tried to cancel the order online.

After checking the online account I had created with my husband's name on it, I discovered that the orders were not canceled. I then called Sears customer service and was told I had to go to the store to cancel the order. When my husband and I went to the Annapolis, MD store we spoke with a man named Jim Peterson. He told us that he could cancel the order but it wasn't coming up in the computer so he had to go in the back to look in up somewhere else.

When he came back he had my husband's ex-girlfriends name and number on a piece of paper. He asked me who this person was and I told him that it was my husband's ex-girlfriend. I told Jim Peterson to go talk to my husband since the information was old. I was a little confused as to why the ex-girlfriend's name and number was being associated with my husband because I was the one who created the online account.

When I say I created an online account, I mean I created a BRAND NEW account. My husband told Jim Peterson to please take this information off of the account because it was his ex-girlfriend and he was no longer associated with her. Jim Peterson then went back to cancel the layaway items. When he came back, he told us he was able to cancel the layaway items but for some reason because of a glinch in the system the check would be going to my husband's ex-girlfriend.

Jim Peterson said he was going to try and do everything he could to stop this from happening but he did not look very confident. Needless to say, we still have not received our check in the mail from Sears and it has been almost 30 days. We are pretty sure that Sears sent the refund check to the ex-girlfriend. What really made me mad about this whole thing was a question I was asked twice by Jim Peterson and another Sears associate who I spoke to by telephone.

They actually had the nerve to ask if we had spoken to my husband's ex-girlfriend about the check. I said that we haven't spoken to her and we are not going to. We were going to wait for Sears to send us our refund check. Anyways, I would not recommend Sears to anyone.

I told my husband that Sears may have nice toolboxes but after that we are definitely shopping somewhere else. Sears is acting like me and my husband do not exist anymore. I try to call and email and I never hear anything back. I am pretty sure we are going to have to take Sears to court to get this money.

Hopefully, they will not go out of business for bad customer service before then. I cannot even put into words how frustrating this has been for us. The worst part of this whole situation is my 3 and 4 year old daughters. They are waiting for Santa to come to our house for Christmas and I don't even have enough money to get them Christmas presents because when Sears stole my money, I had to use our Christmas money to make repairs for the house.

I think it's so horrible that Sears stole money from our family and is not even returning our phone calls or emails. My husband and I will never shop at Sears again!

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