It has come to my attention that at the Laredo Texas Sears store manager will not, (and I quote) "Never employ anyone who has worked in any Walmart store due to their lack of customer service." So is it legal for a manager to show a blatant bias when reviewing resume for employment? NO!

This is truly unethical and Illegal due to completely disregarding any equal employment opportunity, which is based on individual merit and experience.

Also adding to this pattern of behavior from Sears is the fact that when attempting to contact their ethics department, it redirects out stating they do not receive those types of complaints. Where is the liability and customer service they state they have?

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Actually this is completely legal. You cannot deny employment based on race, sex, national origin, age, religion, pregnancy status, and disability.

You can however deny someone employment based on their employment history.

Companies like Google and Amazon do this all the time, Google for instance will say "We don't hire anyone that works or has worked for Yahoo" because they do not want to seem like they are poaching. So, sorry but it is completely legal.


Has Sears personally told you that they won't hire anybody that has worked at WalMart? If not, you are going purely on assumption and gossip. I have never heard of any employer telling a person why they don't get hired, other than along the lines of they had an applicant that was better qualified for the position.

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