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I went over to SEARs to buy a lawnmower for my land lord. I wanted to get a model that didn't have a rigs engine on it.

They had one that I wanted to buy but the sales person wouldn't sell it to me. The newer model switched engines. So, I was stuck buying a less priced poorly built mower. That pissed me off because the older model had a better warranty on it.

Why not sell the older model to make room for the newer model that will take the place of the older machine? Poor staffing made the problem worse. And the time it took to get the mower out of the store was longer.

The owners' manual was missing and it took me almost a month to get the new manual.

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Amen, the Westminster, Colorado store is bad at providing customer service. The assistant store manager is a ***.

Yes, SEARS aka "SUCKS" should have sold you that older model with the TECUMSEH engine on it for a reduced price.

The tire department is even worse than that. SEARS puts in the newspaper that it will match and beat the price of its tires to the price of the other retailers. I called SEARS and told them that COSTCO was selling the same tires for $25 less per tire.

Sears said they wouldn't match that price that it was a huge difference in prices. Needless to say, I bought my tires at COSTCO instead of "there is less for your life at sears"

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