I can not believe the poor customer service/warranty service sears offers. NO Sears is not the same company we grew up with.

I purchased a 42 in flat screen t.v. from sears 11 mo ago

Like always I purchased the extra warranty because of what the salesman assured me the more expensive warranty would cover.

I began to have a problem with my screen.

I called Sears to schedule an appointment. My appointment was for Feb.24 between 8-5pm.

On the day before we called to confirm the appointment because we have a history with Sears not showing up for or claiming they called and no one answered the phone.

On the day of the appointment 4 pm and no technician. I called the 800 line only to be sent to

someone in central america, who informed me my appointment was for March, 7! Absouletly NOT true.

Reason being the 24 was my baby's bday and my hubby had taken off THAT DAY .

Just the day before the appointment had been confirmed!

March 7th arrives. The technician arrived 5:45!

Was supposed to be there beween 8-5.

Technician arrived only to inform us that our problem is the ONLY problem not covered under the extra warranty that was supposed to cover everything according to the Sears salesman.

Technician was very helpful and informed us that Sears does not like to cover large flat screen t.v.

because the are too expensive to replace or repair.

We we asked why sell a warranty that is supposed to cover all if that's not the case. He just smiled and said "sale".

He also gave us a number to call about our problem but said It's not possible to fix screen problems on flat screens and that this is the most complained about problem. I called the customer service line to be sure of what my warranty covered and was told "everything". Just what i neede to hear. When I told her my t,v couldn't be repaired she changed her story!

I have been calling Sears at least twice a day and has NEVER had my phone called returned. I have even called the stores directly and has only been tolds the mgr is off today. They have no voice mail etc. I've called several different Sears! Are all the mgrs off everyday?

Now to really stick it to me dry. They have the gall to call me to sell me a warranty extension...

on the broken flat screen.

SEARS should change there name to SUCKS



WHite MArsh MD.

Columbia MD.

Fredrick MD.

Central America( they barely spoke english)


Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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