Sears has never been the same since Kmart bought them everything about Sears sucks now it used to be the craftsman tools u can bring back and exchange no matter what not anymore Kmart has destroyed Sears like they destroyed there own company I'm a mechanic and I use craftsman tools it seems Sears is no longer a store for a man to go to and shop thanks Kmart for destroying what used to be a great department store that had good customer service somebody needs to take back this company and restore it back to the way it used to be

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Sears sucks. Craftsman tools suck.

Both used to be American icons.

THAT is what happens when you let a sheister hedge fund organizer pilfer your company.


I totally agree. I grew up using and then buying Craftsman tools.

Have not done so in two decades.

The customer service started going downhill then and is now almost all gone. Many other companies make good tools, eg., Stanley, Snap-On, etc.

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