Holbrook, Arizona

I bought a dishwasher from Sears.Com. I agreed to pay them extra to deliver it, install it and take away the old unit.

I also paid for an install kit. They kept me waiting 10 days for delivery. At 11:00am on the delivery day, I called to ask them when they were coming. They said, "relax, we're coming today" I waited some more.

At 4 pm they still weren't here, so I called them again. They said, "we have decided not to come. It's too much trouble to deliver to your area, We'll just give you your money back, but it will take 10 days to get a refund on your credit card" I said, "what do you mean its too much trouble? Sears is only 56 miles away and they deliver to my area once a week!" Sears.com said, "well, we aren't them, and we think your area is too much trouble to get to!" They held me up for 10 days, and I am still waiting to get my money back from Sears.com.

Then I called the Sears brick and mortar store in Flagstaff, Arizona. I told them what happened with Sears.com and asked why they were allowed to use the name sears if they weren't Sears. l They said they were Sears, just a different division. So I bought the dishwasher again from Sears brick and mortar, paying extra for delivery, take away of old unit, installation, install kit and extended warranty.

Sears kept me waiting 2 weeks for delivery. When the deliver man arrived, he left the dishwasher in my living room and without any excuse went away without taking the old unit, without installing the new unit and without leaving the install kit I had paid for.

Sears has done nothing to rectify this. Don't do business with Sears.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

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