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I placed an order with sears. They told me after the order was placed that it would not be delivered until a time in which I could not accept it.

I as them to expidite the order or cancel it. They said there was nothing they could do, it was already placed. I again asked them to cancel it and was told they place orders so fast they cannot canel them. This is ridiculous we put men on the moon they can cancel orders.

I will NEVER shop with sear again ever.

They were rude unhelpful when they made the error. NEVER AGAIN SEARS

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SEARs CARES only after the fact when they have bad press. I tried to deal with this situation at the very time it was happening.

I talked to several people including a supervisor and all they told me was they could do nothing.

Too late Sears I am not interested in every doing business with sears again. SEARSUCKS


Now that is funny i said i d i o t s and they blocked that?


They think we are all ***. You can cancel an order if it's on a credit card and there isn't a lot they can do about it.

Call you credit card and tell them you cancelled the order and refuse payment.

You have the right to the item immediately or a refund. Period.


Interestingly, while I never had a problem with merchandise or orders, about 5 years ago Sears rejected me for their charge card, with an 834 credit score!!! Who the *** do they accept?

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