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We purchased a new Kenmore stackable washer/dryer from the Sears store in Ventura, CA. We asked to have everything includied in the order, including all accessories (venting, stacking kit, etc) and arranged for delivery since we were opening a new Sears account to get the appliances.

The machines were delivered, but no stacking kit. A subsequent installation was required to be set up. The 2nd team came, added the stacking kit, but then stated we had the wrong type of venting, requireding flexible, fireproof venting and aluminum tape. They arrived early Saturday morning, without a prior phone call.

We quickly took the incorrect venting back to the local store and complained to the department manager sinc ethe 1st rteam had all the information for the subsequent installation visit. The dept manage did his best song and dance, apologize and arranged (with witnesses while he called the delivery crew) that they would be back the same day to complete the job. They never showed and never called.. We have had to take time away from work at least twice to get this done.

The 2nd team wanted to try to convince us that we could do the new venting and complete the installation ourselves, but were quickly reminded that installation had already been paid for and was expected to be completed by them. When they didn't show as expected, we again called the local store, and were again provided lip service. Sears is notoriously poor in this performance area, and if complete and total satisfaction can not be provided, they'll have to make another trip to our house to take the product back. Going forward, we wilkl NEVER buy another product/service from Sears.

Routinely ridiculously poor. No wonder they are doing so poorly that they are closing stores!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

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3 times I've ordered a part (7000336) for my gas grill. 3 times I've been sent the incorrect part (7000376) because "the manufacturer isn't pulling the correct part from their warehouse."

I've been charged twice for the part already and they want to charge me a 3rd time before delivering what will probably be the 4th wrong part.

You can always tell when a company is in decline: their customer service reps take orders from computer-defined processes and they have no autonomy or authority to truly make a difference.

I normally never write these comments publicly, but my experience with Sears Parts has reached such a level of incomprehension and annoyance that I feel compelled to say something. I'm no huge fan of Home Depot's consumer products, but I'll head over there before I ever consider replacing another part for my Kenmore grill. At least HD understands customer service.

Sears Response

Dear Anonymous,

Please accept our apologies for the problems you have encountered attempting to have your new washer and dryer delivered and installed. I'm not sure how to adequately convey sincerity to you but you should know that we are here to help with this and any other Sears related issue you may be having or have had. My name is Susan and I am part of the Social Media Support Escalations team at Sears and we would like to look into this issue further and offer our assistance toward a resolution. .

At your convenience, please contact our office via email at smsupport@searshc.com so you don’t have to continue to be frustrated by this. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the Washer/Dryer was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide the following code (287215), for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

Susan R.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support

@Sears Response

What a bunch of BS..."social media support. What the heck is going on with Sears???

It used to be a reliable company that sold quality merchandise. In the last few years I had a refrigerator that had to be replaced not once, but twice because it was a piece of garbage. And getting Sears to honor the service plan WE HAD PAID FOR was insane. I believe there were something like 6 service calls before they replaced a defective refrigerator with one that was just as bad!

The second lemon was repaired countless times so that the repair person, who ended up being a neighbor, finally confided in us that he couldn't stand this messed up horrible company and was quitting and going back to school. God help me but I just made the mistake of ordering a water heater from Sears and had a nightmare of an experience with getting it delivered and installed, including having been contacted by some unethical contractor who told me there was a "problem" and tried to convince me to cancel my order and he would install a water heater for less. In hindsight I probably should have taken him up on it, because I wasted about 3 or 4 hours over two days trying to get another appointment scheduled. I finally got my water heater but the installer was so unpleasant, very unprofessional and ended up setting off my fire alarm while doing the work.

When someone from Sears finally called me back, I realized that I had been charged for a yearlong "service" package that I never agreed to. Sorry, but this email/social media nonsense is simply that, i.e.

a bunch of BS. Sears is HORRIBLE!!!


I have had a similar situation in Ohio with sears ! I totally agree they suck

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