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I, like many, have tried to make sense of the behavoir of concerning the lack of trying to fulfill a guaranteed order.

My explanation is that the employees know the end is near and there is no use in pretending they care. The CEO has no experience in running a business and will not provide the leadership needed to turn things around, his goal is to raid the assets remaining which include stores, craftsman tools, diehard batteries, kenmore appliances and other iconic brands.

My desire to help keep Sears afloat by purchasing items at Sears instead of another store has me kicking myself for being such a fool. I had no idea Sears does not give a *** !!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Ceo.

Sears Pros: I will like it when they are out of business.

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Shame on you. You didn't see the writing on the wall starting 15 years ago?

They have been going out of business for years, I wouldn't buy anything from them unless you don't care that it will last. smh

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