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I bought a refrigerator 2 months ago. 2 weeks into it the ice maker acted up. They came out, said I needed to give it some time & the ice make was fine. I continued to have problems.

The ice maker freezes up & goes into crushed ice mode at will.

So. i called again.. hoping for a new ice maker because in my silly little brain the one i was given had a defect. He came out took the ice maker apart & said that when it goes into crushed ice mode ..all by itself..i need to take apart the ice maker to make sure some little plastic piece is in place.

Now..I thought i paid 1800.00 for a "working" refrigerator.. not a damaged one. So I called sears :-) They told me that i had to have the service person come out to my house 4 times for the same problem before they would take it into consideration & say it was damaged... what kind of #@%&* is that?

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Sears used to carry maybe 4 or 5 basic Kenmore models in the past.They were much simplier and cheaper.

But over the last decade the percentage of higher end more complex models has put a strain on the service department.And the cost of the appliance also makes it less likely for the company just to replace it.

At the same time Sears was increasing it's higher end sales it really didn't do the corresponding amount to train it's techs or even hire enough techs.

Sears has to realize with the prices people are paying for the unit and service the level of service should go up with the price.This isn't 10-15 years ago when appliances were cheaper and more basic with less features.

The more features an appliance has the more that can go wrong.The higher prices people pay for things the more they will expect out of it.I think Sears is quite literally not up to speed on that concept.

If this isn't a Kenmore or Sears product I would contact the actual manufacturer to let them know the problems you are having with the refrigerator and Sears.