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Paid Sears for dishwasher I ordered online, paying by paypal on Sears website. Order was cancelled by me after several days, as I began to mistrust their competence.

I got several calls from them, even after the cancellation. As late as two weeks later, they tried to deliver just the installation kit. No dishwasher, just the kit! Sears has not refunded money, and now pretends they can't find it.

Paypal confirms the money was sent to Sears Holding Company, and my account shows it was withdrawn. Spoke to customer service, with no effect.

In fact, if they didn't owe me nearly a thousand dollars, it would be funny as they are incompetent morons. Filled complaint with paypal, now thinking of wire fraud complaint and civil suit.

The only way I would do business again with these crooks is for cash as I hold the purchased object.

Under no conditions use their website.

Monetary Loss: $924.

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