I ordered 7 items from Sears on 12/2 - 3 of which they sent message back two days later stating they couldn't fulfill. Frustrating, but at least communication.

19 days later two items still stated processing. I called them rather than the reverse. In which they advised there was a processing problem and the items wouldn't arrive by Christmas, if ever. I then asked them to cancel the order and refund my credit card.

They refused stating they can't refund an item that is in processing. Even if it has been processing for over 19 days and is stuck in that mode and they even stated they doubt the items will ever arrive. They replied yes. What????

Then today, I get on their facebook page and challenge them to resolve the issue.

Until then I advise that I will tell all I know to join the I Hate Sears Fan Page on Facebook. They blocked me and removed my post. I guess they are trying to hide their poor customer service because they no if the truth gets out quickly they are done. I wonder if they know that there are over 300 social sites and that most you can post to in one action.

If you hate sears too, join the I Hate Sears facebook page. In the meantime, if anyone can get the remaining items on order #191735995 canceled, I would greatly appreciate it.

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