Sears.ca had a glitch on their website on 04/13/2012 where they had 40' Toshiba TVS for $219 when they should have been $599. I called and ordered 3 and they were shipped.

I called numerous times to confirm my order and when I called on Wednesday to see if it was in, they told me there was an error and they had SHIPPED THEM BACK TO THE STORE!! I called and emailed and was told too bad, it was wrong and that i had to pay full price if I wanted it. They emailed me a link to their "disclaimer" on their website and what a load of BS. I had to select "ctrl+f" and search "errors" to find out exactly what they were talking about.

They tried to give me a $50 giftcard for the hassel and I told them where to go. Other customers in the same city as me got theirs, it all depended if it was a drop--off location or a Sears store.

Next time, I'll run to futureshop and price match and walk out with my tvs thank you very much. I will NEVER deal with sears again.

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Wow you are a piece of work as you know it was a pricing error and instead of ordering one you got greedy and ordered three. Good for Sears not giving you any.

Maybe next time you will not be so greedy and may receive the one you ordered like myself. So Sears did honour this mistake and sold me the TV's for $219 and I hope anyone who ordered more than one did not receive any for being so greedy.


hey everyone here is what you do if in case u are stuck going to buy at Sears, get the most out of it. 1st) do your research compare pricing with other.

they match any advertised price on the same product plus usually give another 10% off. 2nd) ask for free delivery hhgregg does it all year every other week. 3rd) wait for it to com to your house be at the truck when the delivery guys show up chances is that the box will open, they what you call open to check for damages which is kinda a waste since they call you the day before to let you know there coming. now you have rescheduled your day to get the delivery then they don't send out your delivery, not to mention the don't call you till late in the day (or no call at all) to tell you that it's not coming for what ever the lie is; but if it does come out undamaged it's still an open box item cause it's to be open in front of you.

so now that you understand that you can now u can ask for an additional 20% off for the open box item( and yes it's still new but it's about the savings).4th and is the greatest you've just stuck it to Sears.

oh if they don't wanna give you 20% ask for a free 5 year extended warranty. TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW

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