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I asked Sears to come and service my A/C unit that I bought from them not too long ago. I was getting desperate because they were not showing up. I called another company 1hour heating & A/C who came out within 1 hour.

When Sears arrived at about the same time, the salesman, who just happened to tag along with the service tech, steamed out of my driveway refusing to come into my home and give me an estimate. I did not turn them away, they turned away from me. Now I am being billed 170.13! I did not have any paperwork given to me, nor was I billed before today.

This being said, I was immediately put into Collections and I have 3 days to pay the bill. I am trying to dispute but some of the reps are very mean. I have been on the phone ALL day, and I've been called, a liar, cheater, and a scam artist.

Sometimes I don't even know what they are saying to me because they don't speak English. I thought Sears was a good company, but I have learned otherwise. Consumer Beware!

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Batna, Batna, Algeria #26628

In response to your article. The best thing to do is contact the unit district manager directly.

Find out where your local unit is and ask to speak to the District manager. That should light a fire under them. Also, I know Sears outsources to places like Guatamala and the Phillipines as well.

And the way to get past that *** voice recognition system is to keep pressing zero after each prompt, it takes about 3 or 4 times to get to hold for an operator. Good Luck!

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