We bought a refrigerator from Sears 4 months ago. We also bought a "NO LEMON " Warranty. The refrigerator broke down after one month. We had 3 service calls over the next month to fix the problem.Each service call ended with the teach saying that they needed to order a part. A part arrived on the 4TH SERVICE CALL. IT WAS THE WRONG PART. The tech that day ordered another part. IT WAS ALSO THE WRONG PART ON THE 5TH SERVICE CALL.

We went to Sears and said enough!! We want a new refrigerator. THEY SAID OKAY BUT THEY DISCONTINUED CARRYING THE MODEL WE BOUGHT. WE FOUND OUT THAT IT WAS THE LATEST MODEL FOR THAT BRAND AND TOLD THEM TO FIND ANOTHER SOMEWHERE AT A SEARS STORE IN THE USA. They finally found one and said that it would be delivered in 2 weeks on a Sunday between 3- 5 pm. It is now 6:30 pm on that Sunday and it is still not here!!!!


Jeff from Greenbrae California

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Sears has gone downhill & continues to... They have their employees post responses on complaint sites like these to humiliate the complaining consumer.

It is even worse when you complain in their stores to any management (they will publicly humiliate you), and their corporate complaint process is a complete waste of time. Spend your hard earned money anywhere else but Sears...


I really apologize about the inconvenience, I definitely understand how frustrating that must have been to not have the fridge that you were promised between 3-5 p.m. If I may suggest contacting Delivery Solutions 1-(800)-732-7747 if you have not already contacted them, or even e-mail us at searscares@searshc.com.

Either way try to communicate your situation to us as soon as possible so we can resolve this in an effective manner with a solution that meets your needs.

Again I am so sorry about this, because we really do appreciate your business with Sears. I hope you can stay shopping with us.

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