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I just wanted to write and let you know that I think Sears is the worst company to deal with in the entire world, I lost my jobs back In April and when I knew we were going to get behind on the payment I called customer service trying to arrange payments so I would not be hit with over the limit fees, a high interest rate, and late fees, Customer service wouldn't even talk to me.

I got behind and could not make the entire payments. Then sears started calling every other day wanting payments, and started charging us late charges, over limit fees, took our interest rate sky high. I guess that's the way all the board of directors and Management make their big bucks, slapping people when there down, Sears should be proud of their self's. The economy like it is, and you want hurt people when they cannot help the situation they are in. Before I lost my job I was paying more that my payment every month, and this is how I am treated now.

Don't worry once I have this account paid for, you want have to ever worry about me buying another thing from k-mart or sears. I will spend my money with a company that has a little compassions, and not try to get rich off someone when there down on their luck.

Sears could have worked with us from the beginning and We would not be having these problems

Robbie Laycock

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I will never buy anything from there bad customer service when they make mistakes and you call them they talk to me like I have 2 heads I told all my friends no to buy nothing from there sears sucks


citibank owns the sears card. when you call, you are talking to citibank.

you dont have a problem with sears....