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Do you shop at Sears???????????/Please pass on to all Members of Parliament and to Sears Management.


Sears Canada call centre for catalogue orders in Regina, Sk closed on Sept. 17/09. That left 250 people out of jobs.

The call centre in Belleville, On. was also closed leaving 230 people without jobs.

Now when you call your order in you will be speaking to people in the Phillipines. That's right folks Sears has moved it's call centre to the Phillipines because it is cheaper.

I don't know about you people but with the way the economy is I know I will no longer be shopping at Sears. If they can't keep the jobs in Canada then they can move all their stores to the Phillipines.

Please pass this on. We need to make a stand. Our economy is not going to get any better unless these big companies start sourcing in the country that they do business

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Sears Canada SUCKS the big one, no customer service and they just don't give a care. The almighty dollar is all they care about and ripping people off!


To Corporate:

I placed the order for two items, Mfg ID# 70403 Free Standing Gas Range, and Gas Hood Range Mfg ID#52059. Both items to be delivered and installed simultaneously along with haul away service for each.

Never once did your customer service with whom I was on the phone with for about an hour trying to make sure everything was covered on this order and there would be no last minute hiccups, mention to me that a GAS LIGHT was needed. I found that out from an installer that was already on the premises this morning to installed the free standing gas stove/oven unit. I had to call and give my credit card to have that ordered and luckily they had one on the truck so they were able to complete the installation. Than I receive another call telling me that they are UNABLE to install the Gas Hood Range.

Again, your customer service representative didn't mention to me that two different installers were needed for this ONE JOB to be completed. The installer that delivers and installs the stove/gas unit CANNOT install the gas hood range. Hence, now I have to reschedule for someone to go out there to have that installed. Now the gas hood range is sitting at my household and NO ONE will be installing it as of today.

. Completely Unacceptable!!! Talking to seven different representatives including the third party Installation company that Sears deals with. I asked for a full refund/cancellation of my order as it has been a complete nightmare only to be told that they already recycled my old units and so I have to keep the order and deal with all the delays and there is nothing that can be done.

Go figure, there were no delays in destroying my old equipment so I would be left with no choice but to keep my order with Sears.

Absolutely nothing was offered to me as a first time consumer of Sears to compensate for all the inconvenience caused and what was offered was merely an insult. I will be sure to let all friends and family know of this experience with Sears.


I had a terrible experience today trying to place a phone order with Sears Canada. I know immediately that this service had been out-sourced, since the person I spoke to needed almost everything I said repeated at last twice before she understood.

Then I had to deal with FOUR major difficulties in placing my order. First - My Sears credit card number was "invalid", until the fifth (5th!) time I made her repeat it as she entered the numbers. Second - she says my postal code doesn't exist. I don't care, I am going to pick up the item, at Southgate Mall please.

Third - after asking again what city & province I'm in, she informs me "so sorry, there are no Sears stores in Alberta, so we cannot ship this to you". What??? 6 minutes later, I have convinced her that I live a couple of miles from a Sears store. I've already been put on hold 3 times, but now she's finally ready to take my order.

I give her the number from the flyer, and guess what? That number is invalid. The flyer arrived 2 days ago, the sale is this weekend. At this point said I would really like to speak to a supervisor.

Her reply was a cheery "Okay! Thank you for shopping at Sears and please call again". NO WAIT I tell her, before she can hang up on me. First of all, I haven't shopped for anything because you haven't filled my order, and if I want to talk to a supervisor, YOU are going to have to put me through!

Oh right, she says. Another few minutes on hold. She says the catalogue number has been changed (since the flyer was printed??) but now she knows what I want and it will be ready for pick-up at Southgate in ANOTHER 18 DAYS. And would I like to buy a Christmas decorator rug for only $9.99?

A bit later I calmed down enough to try calling head office to make a complaint.

The number provided on the Sears website for the "President's office for complaints" gets you the same menu options as for placing an order. Right - I'm going to call the Phillipines again.


Then do the same for home depot and rogers and bell canada and i can go on forever....

Do some more research........


After trying to place an order today I learned that I was speaking to someone in the Phillipines. With unemployment high and all the emphasis on buying Canadian and shopping locally, I find it difficult to understand the logic behind such a change.

You depend on people who earn their living here to spend their money here.

That is what keeps the economy rolling. Just how many people did you put out of work?