Osceola Mills, Pennsylvania

Went in 2 wks ago for a tire change. They stripped my bolts and damaged my rotor.

I have been without a car for two weeks. Talking to them is like talking to a wall --"Yes ma'am" for everything. I asked them to pay for a rental car since it is their fault they damaged my car so badly during a tire change and unreasonably took 2 weeks to fix it. They said "yes ma'am--"their standard answer.

I repeated what i said and they said "what? no" They don't even listen to what the customers are saying and they can't even do a simple tire change.

They initially wanted me to pay for the parts and labor required to fix what they broke.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I like how you used "simple tire change" :grin Like as if's as simple as turning on/off a light switch

Kinda hard to beleive you lost your car for two weeks over broken studs. Which probably broke due to normal wear anyway.

Kent, England, United Kingdom #32586

So did they eventually pay for repairs if not compensate you for the 2 weeks you lost your car?

At least at this store they said things like yes maam-they have a minimum standard of courtesy and were told not to argue with the customer which too many do including Sears store management.

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