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Got an unrepairable flat on my car.Borrowed a car to go to Sears to confirm they had the correct size tires for my car - 215x60-16.

Sales guy said they did but wanted to do a physical check of inventory because "sometimes the computer says they are there but they aren't." He verified the tires were in stock. I got my car and made it to Sears to get the tires only to be told they do not have them. Good thing it's raining. Not only don't they have them but they can't get them.

But the same sales guy said they could fit a size smaller or a size larger - at a higher price. I asked if they could split the price difference or do something. NO! the sales guy went to the manager who evidently was too into himself to come out and talk to me.

Then the sales guy finally admitted that not only did they not have the tires I wanted but they did not have the other tire sizes in stock and couldn't get them for at least three days. Hero manager didn't ever extend the courtesy to crawl out his hole.

Sears corporate said they could send me a $20 gift certificate for my trouble.I said to keep it.


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Exact same bait and switch situation happened to me at a California Sears.This must be part of a Sears sales tactic taught nationwide.

Called for a specific tire I saw online. Sales person said they have a different brand but same (lower) price. Got to the store, sales guy makes it a point to show me on the computer they have 5 "somewhere in the store" but since they're backed up on orders it will be a few hours and he'll call me back. Few hours later he calls me back.

"Can't find them" he says but he can pick up a different tire that's in stock at their warehouse at a much higher price of course. I looked online again, that tire he quoted me that he will pick up was $40 cheaper on Sears website. He said he can "try to price match". I said "according to your website "you will HAVE to price match".

1 day later I have received no phone call, my rim is still at Sears. Protect yourself before you go in for tires. Check online or bring in a copy of the tires plus your 2nd or 3rd choice for their website.

They will for sure quote a different price than what you have and for sure will try to sell you a higher priced tire.I will follow-up soon.

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