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I just got back from my local SEARS store and can't believe what happened! I had purchased 4 new tires for my SUV in Nov.2005. The tires are 40 000 mile tires.

Last month (July) I had my tires rotated before going on a road trip and also an oil change at the local SEARS store. When I went on my trip I noticed my steering wheel vibrating when at high speed, my truck never did that before. I thought maybe it was the bad highway or whatever and put the thought out of my mind.

Today I went to my car dealer and told him about the vibrating... well, my mechanic told me I NEED NEW TIRES!!!! what???? My tires are only 2 1/2 years old and have only 30 000 miles on them... he told me to go straight to SEARS and show them the tires, they are cupping in tread.

I did! And they totally blew me off! They acknowledge my tires being bad but "probably due to bad shocks or so" Bad shocks??? Are they kidding? There is nothing wrong with my shocks! I have a warranty on my tires and they will not honor it or stand behind their *** tires. I am going to file a complaint with the BBB. By the way, how come 5 weeks ago when I had my tires rotated NO ONE noticed the bad tires? Their answer: "5 weeks ago the tires were probably still good."

Yeah right! My husband called customer satisfaction department, after reading all these blogs here I have very little hope they will even call us back. GO TO *** SEARS!!! Sorry, just had to vent.

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I only had 12,590 on my 40,000 warranty tires. I had to literally speak up for the incompetent manager and assisting manager.

Both taken different readings of tire thread depth. The same company who rotates my 265 tires that are to be rotated across the back and 245 tires to be rotated only across the front. Well, the place the 265 at the front and 245 at the back and took it out of the shop rubbing fender-well.

Their explanation was they thought it was rubbing when it came in. They are so incompetent!


A 40,000 mile tire is a low end tire. Sorry, but you asked for an inferior product because you wanted to save money, so don't expect premium quality.

Next time but Michellin or Good Year.

Sears is a good place for tires though; I always had good experiences there.


Sorry, but cupping is a fault caused by....BAD SHOCK ABSORBERS.

Your bad, fix the shocks.


Of course Sears WILL stand behind their tires --- behind them and as far away from them as they can possibly get.


Mileage warranties, to begin with, come from the manufacturer of the tire (goodyear michilin etc) not the store you purchased them from. Any warranty adjustment is not coming from sears it is coming from the tire manufactuer.

A tire can and will not "become" defective. If you actually read your warranty information i guaruntee that it outlines the terms and conditions. In order to receive a warranty for premature wear on a tire the wear must first be all the way down to the wear bar (2/32 of tread), and be even wear. A tire will not wear unevenly on its own only a vehicle can cause that.

My quess is you drive an explorer with original shocks which are known to cup tires. I also guess that you rarely take advantage of the FREE life time balance and rotations that come with sears tires nearly as often as you should.

Again an unbalanced tire WILL cause cupping. Before you start contacting the BBB you might want to actually have a clue what you are talking about


The (HEAR THIS CONSUMERS) Mileage warranty that a tire manufacturer gives on a tire such as 40,000 miles is exactly what it is 'A WARRANTY, NOT A GUARANTEE'!!!

What this means the tire manufacturer is stating that with proper tire maintenance, which is your responsibility:

1. properly inflated tires

2. making sure your alignment is within vehicle manufacturer specs (also making sure suspension parts are still good and not need replacing like tie rods)

3. Replacing worn shocks/struts (vehicle manufacturers actually suggest replacing them after 50,000 miles

4.(can't stress this enough) rotating/balancing your tires every so many miles (typical is 5,000 - 6,000 miles) as suggested.

If you do all this, you should achieve as many miles out of the tires as the tire manufacturer states.

Lets say you were doing all the stuff as stated before and the tires are at 2/32 and need replacing, well you got 30,000 miles out of 40,000 mile warranty tires. It doesn't mean Sears has to now replace your tires for free. What they could do is give you a dollar amount of the 10,000 miles that was not used towards the purchase of new tires. I won't explain simple math and ratios here.

It's your responsibility to take care of your tires, not to mention your vehicle. Like that ole adage says 'Take care of your car and it will take care of you'

I only side with your 'moaning' a little being that when you went to rotate your tires they didn't point out that your tires were worn or close to needing replacement. :roll


Cupping of the tires can be caused by bad shocks, improper tire balance and lack of rotation. All 3 of those can be the customers fault.

Okay- your shocks are good. How often did you take the tires in to get rotated and balanced? I bet not as often as suggested.

We get people in everyday who demand that we warranty out tires that were messed up by the customer because of lack of maintenance. Hopefully you take care of this new set of tires better than you took care of the last set.


By the way,LADYLUCK21, my SHOCKS, brakes and suspension are fine. AND SEARS does NOT stand behind their tires 100%, I am PROOF.


This is now 2 months later and I bought NEW tires from my dealership. I will NEVER set foot into a SEARS store again, I paid off my SEARS card and as far as I am concerned, they can go you know where.

I could have started and opened a can of worms but decided my life is too short.

They will get what's coming to them. By the way, NOT ONE customer service person called us back!


I am an Sears auto center associate and what Sears told you was absolutely right!! Manufacturer warranties will not cover unusual tire wear due to bad suspension parts.

(I can prove it!) If we found your alignment and/or front end parts are good, and you kept up your end of the bargain with regular maintenance of your tires WE WILL STAND BEHIND OUR TIRES 100%. You are right about Sears being wrong for not bringing up the fact your tires were worn five weeks prior to the visit to the dealership. Its no doubt about signs of tire wear were visible at the time. My guess is that they didn't want a conflict at the moment.

Keep in mind you only bought 40,000 mile tires, in about 30,000 they will indeed look worn no matter how much money you spent for the tire or where you got them from.

If you bought a 4 ounce bottle of oil and used up 3 ounces, wouldn't it look low?? Look at your paperwork concerning the warranties, it's all inside!!