When the installer arrived and unrolled the 2 seperate carpet rolls shipped to him, they did not match in color. This would not work for seeming them together as they were 2 different shades.

I'm sure they expidited the shipment of the new carpet because the installer assured us it won't take long and stated "I'll be back to install as soon as the new material arrives".

The problem was, when I called Sears to complain that the delay was most inconvienent, I was given multipul different phone numbers to call so I could log a complaint. Everyone I spoke with was apoligetic but no one had any remidy. I had to rely on the installer to try and figure out what to do.

The end result was my furnishings being piled up in my kitchen for over a week and our dinning set on the front porch. I spoke with a local carpet sales store and quickly realized my mistake. I was dealing with a national chain when I should have shopped local. With local shops I could have at least called someone to speak with them about my dis-satisfaction. With Sears I was just passed on to the next guy and I felt like once they got my money they had no responsability to give satisfactory service. It was pass the buck all the way. If you want to avoid this kind of fly-by-night service avoid national stores like sears for home improvment. I will.......

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