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Sears trick and trying to get at customers with their promotion of one year no payment and interest.

First, I signed up for 1 year no payment/ no interest credit card to buy appliances. In addition, I bought a shoe for $3 while I as at Sears.

The thing is that I made sure by asking if I should pay it in cash or a clerk suggested me to use the card. So, I did. When the first bill came, I called Sears to make sure if I have to pay the balance because this is my first time signing up for promotion like this. And the representative said I should ignore all the balance if I signed up for the program.

Three months later, I noticed that the balance got really higher. In the following week, I got a notice letter saying that I am not paying the bills.

As soon as when I found out, I paid all the bill plus $1000 of finance charge.

But, the Sears reported to credit bureau for late payments. I tried to fight for it and I found out why my agreement for 1 year no payment/ no interest was cancel. The reason is why I did not pay my $3 for the shoes and the the whole agreement was canceled.

I never had a problem with credits till now.

Now, my credit score is bad because of it.

So, Please do not fall for the Sears's trap. Stay away from SEARS!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Bought a refig in July, 6 months no interest, which totaled $2072.93. Used sears card 3 more times those charges totaled $332.25.

I did not know that I had to call and request that my payment went to pay the promotional thing. In January when it ended I owed, so they say, $24.17 on the original purchase?? and they the hit me with $156.25 in interest.

This is utterly ridiculous, no where on my statement does it say it is a promo and that I have to call Sears to have my payment applied to the promo or I will be charged the full interest. Is there any consumer protection here?


If you went for appliances at SEAR'S, then most likely they signed you up for a SEAR'S Charge-Plus card, which means that if you used the Charge-Plus financing plan it does not cover any other department except the appliance department. The reason for this, being that SEAR'S sell three cards.

The Charge-plus (which I mentioned),the regular SEAR'S card and The Gold MasterCard. All these cards have different 0% financing plans. Now like I mentioned before, the Charge-Plus card 0% financing plan works for appliances only, this is similar with the two others card they sell( regular and Gold MasterCard), which also has a 0%financing plan. However, the plan for these two cards only are available seasonally, with a min.

of 75.00 applied in appeal. So unfortunately the plan you signed up most likely won't work for the three dollar shoes you got.I do have a possible solution for you though,go back to the store you got this from, and ask for a manager. You will not believe how much they will try to help you resolve your problem.

The reason being that they will help, is that SEAR'S only survives base on costumer service. So lets say you give your SEAR'S a bad comment, surprisingly they get harsh criticism from either there district or regional manager.So like I said, go to the SEAR'S you got your plan from and talk to them.


It sounds like they didn't ring the sale correctly . Your receipt should have a date with 0% financing and no payments util date on it.

But that is for appliances only in most cases.

The appliance purchase should've clearly seperated/definded on the receipt if not on a seperate reciept. And if you have the original advertisement the exemptions to the 0 finance and payments should be clearly stated.