I opened my Sears account in 1978 soon after graduating from college and have been a loyal customer for nearly 40 years now. In the Spring, while I was abroad in a third world country visiting my kids, I was apparently sent a letter letting me know that Sears wanted me to forsake my Sears card for a MasterCard.

I do not want a MasterCard. Not only did I already have one, but I was working a refinancing my home at the time and opening any new accounts ruins your % rate on your refinance. I did not receive the letter until I returned home, but I immediately let Sears know I was not interested. Without my permission, Sears went ahead an issued the MasterCard to me and soon it arrived in the mail.

I immediately shredded the card and again let Sears know I had n use for the MasterCard. This of course DID affect my credit score and raised the % on my refinance. I was not happy, but I let it go. Today I entered Sears to purchase Christmas gifts and I was told I could not use my 39 -year old Sears card.

Seriously? After calling customer service, I discovered that Sears cancelled my Sears card and were forcing me to use their MasterCard. I explained that I never requested nor wanted the MasterCard and I wanted to to use my Sears Card. Nope, I could not.

I told the lady I shredded the MasterCard. She responded that she'd send me a new one. I told her I did not want a new card, I did not want a MasterCard, I wanted my old Sears card to work. She told me that was not possible .

I then asked her it they wanted to lose me as a customer. I soon began to realize that she was likely a robot. Because she kept repeating herself over and over telling me that she "didn't want to give me false expectations". Huh?

All I wanted was to use my Sears Card. Pretty simple. She then said she would have someone call me IN FIVE DAYS!!! No kidding!

I walked out without my items and purchased them elsewhere.

This store must WANT to close. They could care less about keeping loyal customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Customer Care.

Reason of review: Forcing me to open a MasterCard that ruined my credit score.

Monetary Loss: $247.

Preferred solution: I want to have my original account back. I will absorb the loss they created of $21/mo for the past year, maybe more, if they apologize and return my account..

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