I opened my Sears account in 1978 soon after graduating from college and have been a loyal customer for nearly 40 years now. In the Spring, while I was abroad in a third world country visiting my kids, I was apparently sent a letter letting me know that Sears wanted me to forsake my Sears card for a MasterCard.

I do not want a MasterCard. Not only did I already have one, but I was working a refinancing my home at the time and opening any new accounts ruins your % rate on your refinance. I did not receive the letter until I returned home, but I immediately let Sears know I was not interested. Without my permission, Sears went ahead an issued the MasterCard to me and soon it arrived in the mail.

I immediately shredded the card and again let Sears know I had n use for the MasterCard. This of course DID affect my credit score and raised the % on my refinance. I was not happy, but I let it go. Today I entered Sears to purchase Christmas gifts and I was told I could not use my 39 -year old Sears card.

Seriously? After calling customer service, I discovered that Sears cancelled my Sears card and were forcing me to use their MasterCard. I explained that I never requested nor wanted the MasterCard and I wanted to to use my Sears Card. Nope, I could not.

I told the lady I shredded the MasterCard. She responded that she'd send me a new one. I told her I did not want a new card, I did not want a MasterCard, I wanted my old Sears card to work. She told me that was not possible .

I then asked her it they wanted to lose me as a customer. I soon began to realize that she was likely a robot. Because she kept repeating herself over and over telling me that she "didn't want to give me false expectations". Huh?

All I wanted was to use my Sears Card. Pretty simple. She then said she would have someone call me IN FIVE DAYS!!! No kidding!

I walked out without my items and purchased them elsewhere.

This store must WANT to close. They could care less about keeping loyal customers.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "forcing me to open a mastercard that ruined my credit score" of sears customer care and associated monetary loss in the amount of $247. Sears needs to "i want to have my original account back. i will absorb the loss they created of $21/mo for the past year, maybe more, if they apologize and return my account" according to poster's claims.

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