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Let me begin my saying my father was a loyal Sears shopper, and always told me to buy there when I could, as they stand behind their products, have good prices, and have good value in their store brands - Kenmore, Craftsman etc. So over the years I've bought 2 snowblowers, 1 Lawnmower, countless tools, A couple of fridges, a freezer, a washer and dryer, a leather couch set, many clothes, and much more.

Now the problem, 10 years and a couple months ago, my wife and I bought a Sears pedic mattress. For the last couple years, It's been sagging, and has now got the point where we can't sleep on it.

I called Sears, as I remember there was a 25 year warranty, and after some discussion I realized not only had I had misplaced the receipt sometime in the last few years, but I'd also pulled off the annoying warranty tag that was sewed at the seam near your head, depending on the way your mattress was flipped. Despite that, Sears still sent out a warranty work order to assess the mattress, I was very impressed with their service.

The repairman determined that the sag was greater than 2 inches, and indeed the mattress had failed.

A week later I followed up with Sears, and they managed to find a copy of my invoice in their file. They suggested that a pro-rated discount was in the works, and I was told that a local store manager would call within 24 hours to follow up.

After a few days and no calls, I checked back with Sears and am now told that without my warranty slip they will not stand behind the product, passing the blame to manufacturers inabilities or something. Well I didn't pay the manufacturer, I paid sears, and I made it clear that I was quite happy to work something out with them. So after all these years loyal to their brand, and spending tens of thousands to do so, they have turned their back to me over a *** mattress issue.

I am fuming. Guess I was the *** one to be so loyal. Sears will lose the rest of my lifetime of business, and my childrens. They won't feel so much as a bump in their business, but saving a few hundred on a mattress just cost them thousands of my future business, not to mention that I'm going to post this story everywhere I can.


Andy M Cambridge Ontario work order no. 204651

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Lexington, Kentucky, United States #627230

Don't dismiss this consumers complaint. I probably would too if I hadn't made the mistake of buying a searsopedic 2 yrs ago.

It already has a huge bump in the middle and one side is unbearable to sleep on. I thought my husband was just complaining until I slept on his side.

I have now had a back ache for a week. We spent way too much cash- $2000, to have such a crappy mattress

Poughkeepsie, New York, United States #548653

So let me get this straight. Despite every store in the worlds return policy of 30 days, possibly 90 on some items, you believe it's the stores fault if you had a product for multiple years and it failed?

And not the manufacturers? You do realize its likely an outdated model the store itself can't replace, right? Plus you admit you yourself tipped the tags off it. you know, the tags that say do not remove.

Thats not the stores fault. Its your fault. And its not the stores fault it lasted a decade and then failed. How long did you think a mattress would really last?

I don't even wait for mine to start to sag before getting a new one, its called being realistic. Sears didn't lose a customer over a mattress, they lost one because of ridiculous high hopes.

North York, Ontario, Canada #546711

My husband and I had an almost identical situation with Sears. They refused to warranty a failed mattress because we had removed the tags that were sewed into the seam by your head. We had about 8 years left on our warranty.

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