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I worked for Sears Electronic department and saw how customers were often abused.

A very elderly woman bought a small LCD TV that had been on display for over a year. The TV was covered in dust and scratches. The TV did not come with a box or manual.

Future Shop was selling the TV for $299 brand new. Sears charged the customer $350. Sears management told employees only to price match if the customer asked.

A few days later the customer returned the TV. She said the TV was scratched - which it was.

The department manager charged the woman a 20% restocking fee! The woman was refunded $285 and charged a $65 restocking fee!

I made a copy of the receipt.

Then the customer uttered the famous words so often heard "I will never shop at Sears again." Probabally a good idea!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

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Being old doesn't mean you are less smart then the young. If anything she should be more savvy. :p

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