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I placed an order over the phone with Sears Product Support Ctr at AZ. A sales rep helped me to put through the order around 3pm.

However, I didn't receive any email confirmation until 6pm. So I did a online chat to find out. I was connected with an online chat person for almost an hour and all I got were bunch of messages like "thank you for waiting, I'll be with you soon." So I decided to call. When I call Sears CS, they found out that the email address on the order was incorrect so they resent the invoice to my correct address.

When I received the email, I was in shock since the invoice total was way off from what I was told. First I was never asked for a 5-yr protection plan but it was charged on the invoice. Secondly, I was told that delivery and installation will be free but it was charged in the invoice. Third, the total price including tax on the invoice was over $1,500 higher than quoted!

I was then told on the phone that the only option I have is to cancel the order. I was connected to a case manager and he told me that it will take 7-10 business days just to cancel my order and credit my account, while my credit card was charged immediately!

Does this whole story sound ridiculous to you?! It does to me!

I'm going to put this up on every online forum that I can get to and warm people about the service that Sears provided and never to place the order through their product support again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Protection Plan.

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Mlada Vozice, Jihocesky Kraj, Czech Republic #334771

A couple of years ago I purchased a Kenmore washer and dryer, There were less expensive brands out there but I fought my husband on the price because I have always known the Sears brand to be strong and lasting.

Three weeks ago my front load washer stopped spinning in the middle of a load and we called the "blue crew". An appointment was scheduled for the next week and I went to the laundry mat (3 kids and one of them is 13 months needed clean clothes). When the repairman arrived he looked at it and called "tech support" who told him it was the switch door part. We ordered the part $129.00 and made and appointment for instillation on the following Wed. I went to the laundry mat again and made arrangements to take the time off from work on Wed. (They could not so the repair on Tuesday when my husband was off because they were full of appointments). The Technician # 0815258 came in and installed the part, scratched his head and called tech support again. after a long chat with them they determined the problem was not with the switch door at all but the computer part . Another $95.00 and he said he was sorry for the inconvenience. He said he put the part on express delivery and if we called the service number as soon as the part came he would come out and install it. Yesterday evening the part arrived and since my husband was off today I called this morning to get the tech out today. He had said just call and they will send me right out. I was told that the soonest we could be scheduled was Wed the 31st and I explained that I had already gone without a washer 3 weeks and the Sears tech had misdiagnosed the issue the first time and HE told me to call as soon as the part came in. They said again they NEVER gave an appointment on the same day as the call and I said the tech that was out twice before told me to call for same day service. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was placed on hold 30 minutes, I called back and asked for a supervisor and was placed on hold another 45 minutes. 2 co-workers jokingly called on different lines to see if they could get through before me. Both were placed on hold and after another 30 minutes they gave up. meanwhile I searched the net for a phone number of someone I could call for help. I called customer service and spoke with Gill from customer support or some area like that. He listened to my story, apologized and said that the soonest he could get anyone out was Wed. I told him my husband was off Tuesday and we would not have to take time from work. I asked could he please at least schedule it for Tuesday and he said Wed. was the best he could do. I asked him if anyone at Sears ever went outside the box to give customers the service they deserve and he said he was sorry but that was the best they could do. So, bottom line is I will again have to *** work a half a day and hope the tech got the right part and can repair the machine. Bottom line is

1. I am so disappointed in the Kenmore brand for breaking down in less than 2 years after I fought for the brand.

2. The repair (blue crew) team does not leave your customers feeling very confident or secure that they know what they are doing. (maybe more training?)

3. Your customer service reps. have been given NO POWER to do anything other than say "I’m sorry". A customer service rep should have the power to call up the ladder and be taken seriously enough to get something done for the customer. At no time during the conversation with several of your reps did anyone call our original blew crew tech and ask him if he could get over to our house today for the repair that he did not get right in the first place. He was genuinely sorry for his mistake and I believed he would have found a way to take care of us today. Too bad your folks never gave him the chance to make the customer happy.



Where is the policy I paid 140 dollars for which I got the bill for but no policy in the mail so who do I call and what the heck get the policy to me or cancel it.

Tanjung Mas, Sumatera Barat, Indonesia #216324
:x A year ago, in late November, I bought a dishwasher online from Sears. They said it would be delivered and installed in two weeks--OK by me. I paid with a credit card that was linked to my checking account. I noticed two days later when looking at my account online, that I was charged twice. I immediately called them and they said that they had some computer problems and the second charge would be taken care of within 48 hours. It was, but not before causing an overdraft with extra charges.

A week and a half later, I got a postcard from Sears that said my dishwasher was out of stock (???). I called them and they said indeed, it was out of stock (why didn't they know earlier?). While on the phone, I explained about the double charge and overdrafts and asked if I could get the next higher model for the same price for all my problems. They agreed. While making the new transaction, I had a call on call waiting. That other call was the installer calling to set up a time to come with my dishwasher (???), the one I'd originally purchased. I returned to my Sears call and explained to the Sears lady that the installer has my 'out of stock' dishwasher in his possession and is ready to install it the next day. So, the replacement dishwasher order was canceled--all except for the NEW charge for it on my card (plus installation). YES, charged three times for one dishwasher.

The following week, I spent over 5 hours total on phone calls trying to get the latest charge off my card. At first, they were willing to *** the most recent charge for the dishwasher, but said the installation charge (for the non-existent dishwasher) was 'not refundable'. FINALLY after several days, I convinced them that I only needed to pay for ONE dishwasher and ONE installation charge and that they were BOTH already paid for. I got the installation charge paid back to me, but was unable to get any kind of refund for the $60 in overdrafts their FIRST mistake had caused me. I decided just to cut my losses and drop it. This was in early January. In late February, Sears helped themselves to my credit card that they had on file and stole $150 from it "because they refunded me too much". I tried to fight it, but suddenly my phone calls were dropped once I gave them my name, and my online account suddenly became 'invalid' and I could not access customer service from there, either. My account included all the proof of the purchases and refunds, so it was vital for me to be able to access it. If I had more time and money, I'd sue them just to see them fry. I like their appliances, but I'll be shopping Lowes from now on.

The Sears Social Media Support reached out to me and the issue was resolved to my satisfaction.


Dear Shoptudrop,

I’m sorry to hear about problems with your order. My name is Tammy and I am part of the Social Media Support Team. I am very concerned that the amount you were quoted is not what you were charged. I would like to have one of our case managers invesigate this issue. At your convenience, please contact our office via email at so that we can look into this. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number your order was placed under. Also, please provide the screen names (Shoptudrop) used to post here for reference to the issue.

Thank you,

Tammy W.

Social Media Support Team


Totally agree this is horrible service. Sears is well known for their disrespectful attitude and unhelpful manner.

Sorry you experienced that.

Very glad you are making your voice heard.

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