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I sent this letter to SEARs.

I invite you to provide me any reason why I shouldn't share the following story with all of my friends and family.

When my wife and I returned home today from a weekend away we unfortunately returned home to a broken refrigerator with spoiled food. We thought, hey, Sears can help. We have a nice side by side Whirlpool refrigerator that is only a few years old.

I called service and was sold a great service program with warranty, labor and parts for $251 with the agreement that the technician would arrive at my house TUESDAY (tomorrow) between 8am and 12pm. While the repair cost was a little more than we wanted we were willing to spend the money for quick service.

I then received a call from Sears only 30 minutes later. The Tuesday appointment would now have to be Friday and according to the scheduler I should be thankful because Friday is only available due to another cancellation. First, spare me the BS. I've worked in dispatch before and understand the "Friday cancellation" line is BULL.

Second, she said the person I spoke with who took my order AND scheduled my appointment wasn't able to schedule appointments. Again, BULL! She did schedule with me and that is why I received a second call saying the schedule had to change.

So I found a local provider and then immediately called back and canceled my service agreement with SEARS BS Service.

SEARS lack of reliability is only compounded by the four calls I had to make to get the contract cancelled AND the 72 hours I have to wait for a refund.

SEARS can quickly take a call to sell you something. SEARS can quickly take a customers money. SEARS cannot deliver on agreements. That is all you *** are any good for!

So, again I invite you to share your thoughts with me. Will I get any response? A generic, "sorry for the inconvenience, but we can offer you any number of free home demonstrations to buy another of our products..." ***

I look forward to posting this on every message board I can find between now and Friday.



Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $261.

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What a hoot! Good ole' James H is just as busy as can be making apologies. He did for me too.

There are lots of common complaints against Sears for their poor service. Over and over, same story. "We're sorry, we're sorry.", yet non-resolution prevails. Incredible wait times are given for service events (weeks). It is a capacity issue, and Sears simply can't service what they sell, and what they sell breaks often.

Folks, your buying power speaks wonders. DONT BUY SEARS APPLIANCES!