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The worst online ordering experience of my life. See my posted pictures. My order I placed through The package came in damaged due to improper packing inside the box. The USPS had to wrap the box in plastic to contain the leak. When I called Sears, whos customer service is HORRIBLE as well, said I had to deal directly with Perfume Worldwide. So I did. I was asked to provide images of the box in which I sent numerous pictures. Then they asked me to open the box and provide pictures of the inside. I informed them via emal that it sounded like broken glass and I was not comfortable opening it. They insisted. So instead of being out of $110.00 I opened the box and sent pictures of the inside. A few days later they asked me to unwrap the broken bottles and provide pictures, I sent them a picture of a couple broken bottles, managing to cut my finger on a broken piece of glass in the process. This still wasnt good enough they asked for more pictures. I sent them over 27 pictures in all. Now over 3 weeks later, this is a copy and paste from yet another email

( Dear Customer,

Will you please provide us specific images showing the 9 damaged bottles.

Thank You, the Perfume Worldwide Team.)

I sent them several cutting my finger as I stated. It is not safe to continue to pry open these items. I think I have done more than enough to honor their requests for proof. This has gone on now for over 3 weeks. I would not want to lose a customer over what is an obvious bad packaging job from them. With every email which I have numerous, all they ask is for more and more pictures. This is like all of the english language they know. It is like a broken record. They obviously don't want to do what is right and reship or credit my card used. So if this post saves you guys hours of hastle and frustration not to mention your money, then my $110.00 was not totally lost in vain! I can't believe Sears has not stepped up to issue a credit since it was their website selling these for this company. I am filing a consumer complaint with the BBB and the FTC. I believe this company is actually off shore because their emails are between 3am and 5am EDT.

Please do yourself a favor and buy elsewhere. The positive reviews on here must be employees or family just to help boost their rating. Be smart. Pay attention to the names etc. Look at pictures of their business address on Google Earth. Nothing there. If it wasn't through what I thought was a good company, Sears, I would have done more homework myself. I hope the BBB will at least help in some way! BUYER BEWARE, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Usps Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Ouch! That's ridiculous. I used to work at Sears a few years ago and one thing I ALWAYS told people when I was helping them order online is DO NOT order from a third party or what's called "Markeplace." Returns can't be done through Sears and just like you experienced, vendors give you a hard time.