Purchased a Kenmore refrigerator from Sears in 2013. Ice maker did not work. I called customer service and every tech visit (total of three in a few months time) the tech would say there was nothing wrong with it and that it was me. Sears' response was that this is how the refrigerator was designed and that this was normal. Really? It only makes 6 ice cubes a day. Frustrated to the point that my wife and I were already arguing about the issue. On going joke with friends and family was that when they come to our house, they need to bring their own ice. I was so disappointed with Sears. I can understand that products fail but when they do, you would hope that the company that sold you the product would stand by you and help make the situation right. It didn't seem as if Sears was going to do this so I gave up. In 2014, I decided to file a complaint with the BBB which caught Sears' attention. I think it helped that I emailed their board of directors. This was in April of 2014. Since then there have been several more tech visits and now with calls from their executive office. They now agree and admit that there has always been a problem with this model's ice maker. It appears a service alert has been put in for this model. Finally, validation! It appears it wasn't just my imagination. Wow!

Here is what is disappointing:

As I have said, the fact that the product failed isn't the issue, it is Sears failure to correct the issue that is truly disappointing and unbelievable.

1) it shouldn't require a service alert to validate a customer's complaint. Even if it is just one customer with only one appliance with an issue, it should be taken seriously and addressed.

2) when they finally admitted there was an issue with the refrigerator, Sears wanted me to pay for the tech visit to fix it because it was beyond the year's warranty. Really? Doesn't the fact that I raised the issue about it multiple times during the first months (within warranty period) and it was Sears that failed to address it properly and timely a factor that should waive the lapse in the warranty period.

3) solutions attempted/proposed: in the last couple of months, there have been several Sears' technicians to my house. First, they glued a piece of plastic to the door since they thought it was hitting the button that tells the ice maker to start making ice (it didn't work), next they sent another tech who said it was the control panel/ice maker unit but he had to order it (another failed attempt), next tech visit the part came in and they put it in (it didn't work), next they said they would order the left door of the refrigerator all together but then they said it is on back order so they have decided to just replace the refrigerator.

One would think this is finally Sears doing the right thing but guess what? They won't give me the same refrigerator as a replacement and are in fact allowing me to pick one of a lesser value (I paid approx $1500 for the refrigerator and they are only willing to give me approx $1300). The value of this same refrigerator is more expensive now so if I want it, they want me to pay.

Here I am, once a loyal Sears customer. For over a year My household has had to deal with this. We continue to endure the issue and the burden of taking off work / making time to be present for the tech visits (not sure if you counted but I could actually charge Sears rent for the amount of time they had techs at my house). They really know how to lose a loyal customer. It doesn't make sense.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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