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The Sears in Visalia, Ca. is a rathole. Floor tiles are chipped, shelves inadvertantly fall off the wall, and both restrooms are a filthy mess due to the local Latino population dropping soiled toilet paper on the floor rather than flushing it down the toilet like a civilized human being. My wife said the women leave filthy diapers on the changing table as if it's someone else's job to clean them up. No effort is made by Sears employees to make these animals clean up after themselves.

This is a store that is always out of everything, so I ordered a tool chest that did not arrive when promised, and when I complained I was directed to the store's assistant manager, a stuck-up witch named Margie Martinez. She seemed upset that I had the gall to take up a few minutes of her time, and told me in a snooty voice that the best they could do was to refund my money. This bruja is living proof of the old adage that while beauty may be only skin deep, ugly is to the bone.

I liked shopping at Sears before I moved to Visalia; this store needs a makeover starting with their dangerous floors and rickety displays, and the assistant manager is in dire need of a personality transplant. I'll drive 45 miles to the Fresno Sears before I set foot in that Visalia hellhole again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

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latino families have nothing to do with messy restrooms and most latino homes are watt cleaner than others. my house is one of the clearest you will see and its not because IM latino or not it has nothing to do with it.

We are also not as *** as you and if you thing that the manager needed a personality make over you should look at you own personality first and then judge.

Your personality and rudeness was probably why they were rude to you You get what you give and in this case IM sure you got what you deserved. Its so sad to see people like you Im glad Im latino and got raised by one and not anyone like you!


They said they weren't sure if it was on back order or not. They offered to re-order it, but after the way that Margie character acted, I decided to go to the Lowe's down the street.


There is no such thing as THE assistant store,there is AN or A assistant store manager or coach as they're called now.

The tool chest not arriving when promised can happen,does happen.The restroom conditions are another story.Big problem is that since the cleaning is done by contractors that only show up once a day in most cases leaves plenty of time for them to get messed up.

Did they even give you a new arrival date or why it did not show?Did they say it was on back order?